BIG Change of Plans–Big Elk Meadows


We’ve had a BIG change of plans regarding the rebuild of the family mountain home… My Mom and Dad have decided to go in a completely different direction and they’ve already bought a house in the city!  The idea of shopping and restaurants and having fun with my aunt and uncle, who live nearby, won out over re-building in Big Elk.

They’re selling the land in Big Elk to Scott and me and now we’re trying to figure out what we want to do!

We will complete all the geological/safety studies that are already in progress.  We’ve halted the architectural drawings and we are going for something smaller and more mountain traditional. 

We love the two adorable, homey cabins below.  We’re in talks with the company who builds them and should have estimates this week.  The only changes we’d make to these pictures would be a walk-out basement foundation, RED siding and charcoal colored metal roof.  (I’M IN LOVE WITH THE DORMERS!)



The stairs in the picture below were built by my Dad.  He built them with a low rise, in order for my Mom (who has a bad knee) to climb them more easily.  He built the latched gate, so their pups couldn’t get off the deck.  These stairs, by some miracle, survived the landslide (along with the cement slab that they are sitting on, which has the name Snickers written in it and a little doggy footprint.  Snickers was one of our doggy kids who is no longer with us.)  We’re going to use these two things on the new cabin!



Strangely enough, the stairs are still sitting in their spot and everything around them is gone now…


I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned before that the garage survived.  It was damaged and filled with 4 feet of mud and boulders.  It’s also been damaged during the house removal but it’s still salvageable.  We’ll match the siding with the cabin and clean it up, do the repairs that need to be done.  It’ll be good as new.



We’ll be rebuilding on a piece of our property that was unaffected by the slide.  And we’re thinking, later on, we may put something like this on the spot where the old house used to sit. See the picture below. There’s a perfect little aspen grove where the front deck on the old house used to be.  We’d like to place this in that little grove.  We can go there to knit, drink coffee and hang out.  I envision a pretty little path from the cabin to the gazebo.  We don’t want screens.  We DO want a hummingbird feeder.


The cabin isn’t going to be our primary residence.  It doesn’t have to be perfect and fully furnished right away. It can be a work in progress. Scott and the boys are getting excited about doing most of the interior work themselves and really making it ours.


When my folks told us they had changed their minds about rebuilding in Big Elk, I got excited for them because they’ve come up with a plan that makes them really happy and excited! And I was excited for us too!  What a dream come true for all of us! They get to have fun in the city and we get to build a sweet place on the land that we’ve grown to love so much.

Wish us all luck in our new adventures!


One thought on “BIG Change of Plans–Big Elk Meadows

  1. I so agree with their change of plans and at first my heart sagged thinking you and they wouldn’t be part of Big Elk, but this is fantastic change of plans where everyone wins.

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