Lap Band Update–2 Months

Well, as I knew it would, the weight loss has slowed significantly.  It can be discouraging.  I wonder if I ought to weigh bi-weekly now, so that the scale doesn’t piss me off.

I lost 11 pounds the second month, but 8 of it was the first 2 weeks…  That means 1.5 last week and 1.5 this week, despite adding another weekly workout.

When I first got my band, I’d only weigh once a month, at the doctor’s office.  And I was thrilled with a 7 pound weight loss.  I’ve been pretty successful this time, pretty quickly so far and I’ve made peace with the scale.  It would be tough to only weigh once a month. 

I’m not optimistic that I’m going to reach my goal before the holidays.  I’ll have to give myself more time.  In order to reach my first goal, I’d have to lose 6 pounds in the next 15 days.  NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.  But I might be able to do it by Halloween,  then onto a maintenance plan through the holidays.  This part is going to be a first for me:  food journaling and working out during maintenance.  (maybe that’s where I’ve failed in the past.)  1800 calories per day for maintenance and 2000 on work out days.  I may work out every day…  lol

So my total weight loss so far is 30 pounds.  It’s going to take those last 6 (maybe even 10 more) to fit comfortably into those pretty jeans that I bought when I started.

And when I think about it, 30 pounds since the end of July is pretty damn good.  I have nothing to be disappointed about.  And “putting it down on paper” here has helped me to gain perspective.

I’m going to keep it up:  1000-1200 per day and 4 weekly workouts.  It’ll come off.  But unless I want to abuse my body, it’s going to be a little slower from here on out. 

Just be patient, Tina.  You’re doing really well.


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