Right Now


Helping… my diet along by making a batch of Weight Watchers Zero Point Soup.  (and it was very tasty!)  I added two ounces of lean ground beef for lunch today.

Thanking… my husband…  always.  xoxo

Making… “Outlander” – inspired sleeves/wrist warmers, one pair for me and one for a friend.


Adjusting to… a more relaxed (and still productive) way of home schooling.


Having… fun with a challenge presented to me, but also happily planning to abandon it. (my lap band doctor said I couldn’t lose 10 pounds in the next 4 weeks, “not at this stage of the game.”  I’m still trying.  But I’m looking forward to the maintenance part of the program that’s coming up quickly with the approaching holiday season.)

Trying to… be present and show love.  Always trying to nurture. (taking a few minutes to bake these silly, little, store-bought cookies that my boys love.) 

The only taste I had was kissing my husband after he had eaten one…  I recommend this technique of cookie eating!


Planning to… go the extra mile this fall to make it special for my family. (like what we do in December in order to do the December Daily scrapbook.  I get inspiration, have ideas and I get off my butt and do all the fun things I want to do with my family, when I’m  assembling a book about it!  I’m not doing a fall book, but I want that same attitude.)

Savoring… the first taste of cool, fall weather, on these awesome days at home with my boys.


Loving… Boo-berry’s super fuzzy face, but at the same time, looking forward to the doggy spa visit next week!




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