With Halloween Rapidly Approaching…


I’ve been trying to think about how to get my tween boys to participate in fun Fall activities AND ENJOY IT.

I know pumpkin patch activities are really geared toward little kids (and picture-taking moms), but our local farm has tween/teen activities in the evenings with a haunted corn maze.  And, let’s face it, I’m going to buy pumpkins anyway.  Might as well, right?


I used to LOVE the Charlie Brown Halloween special when I was their age.  I wonder, if I made popcorn, would they watch it with me?


We used to own (and the boys were addicted to) a Garfield holiday dvd.  We watched it so much that we quoted it for years.  I need to find it.  It had a Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas episode and they were so cute. (I went in search of the dvd this afternoon and found it!)


We already have planned a trip to look at the Autumn leaves in the Rocky Mountain National Park later this month.  I know touring in the car isn’t one of their favorite activities, so I will try to get out and walk around with them a lot.  Maybe get some hot chocolate at the lodge on top of Trail Ridge.


I want to make the time to have a fire in the fire pit and do s’mores this year!

When the boys were little, I started planning Halloween costumes in July!  (I don’t know what was wrong with me…)   

Let’s be completely honest though,  now that they want to be zombies and Dark Lords it just isn’t as much fun for me.  However, Scott loved doing the costumes last year, so I guess that’s just as good. (No word yet on what they’re going to be this Halloween.)


I told some friends that I’m going to make a sign to put around Scotty’s neck this year for Halloween that says, “I’m only 12!”  Because at 5’10”, he looks too old to be trick-or-treating!


The boys have always enjoyed carving jack o’ lanterns but the last few years I’ve done it with them.  Scott used to do it when they were little and he’s agreed to take over again this year!

That’s all I’ve come up with so far.  If you have any suggestions, please leave me a comment.


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