Lap Band Update–1 month


I had my Lap Band put in back in April of 2009.  I lost 100 pounds. It was amazing.  And I maintained that weight loss for 3 years, without much fuss. 



Then last Fall the weight started creeping back on…  Well, shit!

I toyed with Weight Watchers for a couple weeks, lost 10 lbs…  gained it back.  I toyed with The Whole 30.  I started walking but soon found lots of excuses not to do it.  I didn’t want to go back to my lap band doctor because I was embarrassed that I had let myself gain weight.

Finally in June, after having to buy a size larger, I had had enough and realized, “Dammit, we spent all this money on this band and it was supposed to help me control my weight THE REST OF MY LIFE!”  So I bit the bullet, called the doctor and made the appointment.

On July 21st I had my check-up.  Turns out my band had been too tight and it was forcing me to drink with meals which was defeating its purpose.  So, my band was loosened, I had a visit with a dietician, we set goals and I was sent home with a new set of rules.  (turns out they’ve learned a lot more about how the band works in these last few years.)

And the results?  In the first month I’ve lost 20 lbs!


I feel great!  I’m eating smaller portions thanks to the band but I’m eating healthier because of me.  I’m working out because I set goals for myself.  And…  I bought these CUTE jeans with purple swirlies on them (a size smaller than I currently wear) as continued motivation.  They’ll look really cute when they fit well!

My dietician says come mid October the goal will be to maintain.  (she believes that should be everyone’s goal over the holidays!)  So I have until my wedding anniversary (October 14th) to actively strive to lose weight.  My goal is 15 more lbs before then.  It’s attainable!  And these jeans will fit then!

Wish me luck!



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