I haven’t been this excited about a movie/tv event in a very long time.

The second episode of Outlander was on last night and I’m loving it!  I’m very impatient with the story though.  I’m ready for Jamie and Claire to belong to each other, to be the characters I know they will become.


And since it’s been so long since I read the first book, it’s a bit unfamiliar, especially Jamie.  To see  him kiss another, in the trailer for next week’s episode, just seems WRONG!  Claire still feels right though – isn’t that weird?

So while I wait for them to be Mr. and Mrs. Fraser, there are some other things I can focus on, like the BEAUTIFUL SCENERY.  I love fall colors, but some of the scenes in last night’s episode were breathtaking.


Did they cast Jamie Fraser perfectly or what?  I already know that I can trust him!  I already know he’s a good guy.  And the kilt, the accent, the Gaelic – all perfect.  Exactly as I imagined it when I read the books.


When you’re a knitter, you notice knit pieces.  All the ladies in last night’s episode were wearing these arm warmer thingies.  I must have some before cold weather gets here!  I think they have to be brown or dark blue.  Looking for a pattern later today.  I’m hoping that I may already have the yarn…  Wish me luck.


Another instance of perfect casting, Mrs. Fitz (below).  And see her arm warmer thingies? 


Love Claire’s cowl too.  I’ve knit several cowls and I’ve never loved any of them.  I may have to try again with big, bulky yarn this time.  Claire’s costumes in the 18th century have been beautiful!  I wouldn’t have made it there, though.  (I exclusively wear pants.  I AM NOT a “dress” girl.  I think it comes from years of having to wear a uniform skirt to school.)


I’m always amazed that historically, decent women covered up their bodies…  except for cleavage.  It is always out there, on display…  (or is that just in the Hollywood version?)  I would feel naked if I wore a shirt this low cut!


Another casting perfection, Geillis Duncan. (below)  She’s the perfect amount of distinctly beautiful, mysterious and creepy!  My husband is watching Outlander with me and I’m finding it so hard not to warn him about things to come…


So, I’m not sure about this one yet…  The actress below portrays Jenny Fraser Murray.  The only scene we’ve seen her in so far, is a very traumatic one with Black Jack Randall.  But Jenny is a huge force in these books later on…  I hope I grow to love her in the show too…  I’m just not convinced yet. (this photograph is not in character but I can’t find one that is…)


Perfect, perfect casting – Black Jack and Frank Randall.  I already loathe Black Jack and feel so sorry for Frank.


Another area of creative inspiration I’ve gotten from Outlander is an interest in herbal healing.  This page is so much fun:  http://www.starz.com/apothecary/apothecary.html  It’s Claire’s apothecary, filled with all her medicinals.  You can click on the bottles and it’ll tell you what it is and what is was used for. 

I’ve been thinking of getting a book about herbs and their uses.  One with illustrations to help identify plants.  Just sounds like fun.  For a couple of years, I’ve been planning on a garden expansion for herbs.


So far I’ve loved watching the show AND I’ve been inspired by it too!

P.S. This is the one:  http://www.garnstudio.com/lang/us/pattern.php?id=198&lang=us



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