In the Garden–August 15th

I’m having issues with my color photo editing lately.  Not sure what’s going on.  So please ignore the weird greens and I’ll put my camera back on auto while I figure it out.


I think zucchini will grow anywhere!  New gardeners should always plant zucchini!


My two little pepper plants are overachievers.  I’ve gotten 8 peppers so far and there are about 30 on the two plants right now!


Carrots are doing better than expected.  We won’t have enough to do anything but sample, but that’s ok.  I just wanted something pretty in this pot.


I’ve never had a rosemary grow as much as this one.  And it’s tender!  (sometimes rosemary can be very spikey.)


I loved growing eggplant this year.  It’s really beautiful.  But I’m so tired of trying to find recipes for these little fruits!  At this point, I’m giving them away…  I only had two plants, but they’ve been very prolific.


My parsley and thyme are both LOVING all the rain this week!  And…  just for the record, I’m over the pansies.  They didn’t last and now are screaming to be pulled and replace with mums! (which I will look for in Colorado next week.)

Farmer’s Almanac says we’ll get our first snow in early September…  That’s not too far away, folks…


This is why I won’t do Three Sisters again.  The beans get heavy on the corn and pull it down.  You have to stake up the corn, because it isn’t ready to harvest.  I’d rather have the beans on their own trellis.  If they’re all still in the same bed, the soil will still benefit. To be fair, they were really drooping right after the hail storm this week, which is when this picture was taken.


We’ve really lucked out with our summer weather this year.  This is our first hail storm, toward the end of the season.  However, it did bring back memories of previous years when I lost everything in one afternoon.  Scott and I are going to build a pergola with hardware cloth on top for next year.  I hope we can make it look pretty…


I had envisioned putting a couple chairs and a table under this tree come Fall… but with all the birds who live in this tree, I don’t know if that will work…  It’s like a bird metropolis!


Basil got beat up, but I think it’ll be fine for a couple more rounds of pesto, given a little more time.


We’re harvesting all kinds of stuff right now and the beans are finally coming round!  (I LOVE fresh green beans.  Put a giant handful in a pot of corn chowder last night for dinner – it was so good!)


14879381206_b732e9a088_o (1)

The mint is getting beautiful, purple flowers!


The squash is looking very sad and if anyone has a remedy for powdery mildew, please let me know.  I’ve been using Neem oil this year every 7 days and it hasn’t touched it…  This picture was taken after the hail, so it looks even worse.


I tied of up the corn.  I’m not sure how much there is left to harvest.  We’ve gotten 15 or 16 ears so far.  Not as much as I had hoped…  Will reconsider next year.  (It was fun to have those, though…)


We have mostly happy tomatoes.  They have a little bit of late blight on the bottom leaves, but I’m doing what I can.  We aren’t going to have an enormous amount of tomatoes this time.  And I’m not super excited about the varieties I got.  I got two beefsteak that were supposed to be huge (they aren’t) and two Early Girls that are bigger than normal and NOT Early.  We’re thinking maybe they cross-pollinated…  They’re sweet and delicious though.  I guess that’s the main consideration.


I’m playing along with a regular feature on blog, one of my all-time favorite blogs.  (She does weekly  In the Garden updates all season.)


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