Seasons – Autumn

It’s only August 3rd and  the local grocery store is getting back-to-school stuff and Fall things and it already gave me the bug.

I don’t understand people getting upset about stores getting seasonal stuff in early.  It’s all exciting to me.

I’ve ALWAYS loved back-to-school time.  I love the excitement that comes with cooler days, earlier sunsets, football, returning to school.  Love it all!

This was the last official Back-To-School picture for us, in August 2011:


Being a homeschooling family these days, I don’t get to do much back-to-school shopping anymore, but I manage to still buy a few items that remind me of going back to school, like:  store-bought granola bars and Lunchables (used to buy them to put in lunchboxes).   I can’t wait until they get the football shaped Little Debbie brownies in!  And, oh my gosh, when they start getting pumpkin decorations and Halloween costumes, I’ll be a very excited girl!  

Most of our school books are still on my Amazon wish list to be purchased sometime this month and we’ll officially start school the Tuesday after Labor Day.

The photo below was taken on our very first day of homeschooling.  Look how diligent and serious they are!  (that didn’t last long…)  All three of us were in the “school-at-home” mode still, not yet realizing that we could do things differently.


And then below was the first day of school last year.  Notably different is that we started back almost 3 weeks later than public school, finally realizing we can customize!


So, on to more thoughts about Autumn approaching again. 

Autumn is the reason my favorite colors are purple and red and orange.


I love the last garden harvest, before the first freeze!


I love to hear the wind chimes blowing in a breeze that’s just a little to chilly to go without a sweater.


I love anything pumpkin (decorating and/or eating)


I love cold-weather cooking.


And in late Autumn, after we’ve had an early snow or two, I love bare, wintertime trees.


I love spending time in Big Elk Meadows in the Fall.  We’ll be there again next year!


I love knitting even more in the Fall.


We have a lot of summer left to live, but I’m excited for the return of Fall too!




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