Hiking up the Landslide Path

We had a meeting with our demolition team this past weekend and we decided to take a look further up the mountain.  The satellite pictures on Google Earth didn’t do it justice.  This is the top of our landslide path.  In the center of the photo, you can see a dirt trench, way at the top.  That’s where it looks like the first boulders let loose.  I’m standing in the path to take this shot.  The slide turned a couple times on its way down.


The picture below is standing in the same spot, but looking down the mountain, toward where the house used to stand.

It is so beautiful up there.  This place has been in our family for 14 years and this is the first time I’ve hiked the mountain in the backyard.  What’s wrong with me?  I always get distracted by the peace and relaxation part of the program.


I think we can call it official now:  the house is gone.  I look at this shot and CAN NOT BELIEVE it’s the place where our house used to sit.  I have a hard time even visualizing the space it used to occupy.  It’s just memories now – pictures and memories.


And this is the site for the new house.  Coming up next, we have geological studies and slope stability studies and soil studies and the list goes on and on…


We all enjoyed walking around the place this time, which afterward, we realized might not have been the smartest thing to do right now, with all the bear sightings in this area.  (on my list to buy:  noise makers, before we do this again.)

I worry about Daddy wandering off and adventuring.  It’s only been two months since he had a stroke.  He’s doing really, really well, though.  Doesn’t stop me from wanting to keep an eye on him.


And then these three…  I just love them so much, I can’t even think straight.  They had a lot of fun, exploring.


Mama traversed the mountain like the most sure footed animal in the Rockies!  She often says we all should have been born here.


I love this shot of Scotty, even though he isn’t smiling. 


And then there’s Connor , I mean Will. (Connor is the main character in one of the Assassin’s Creed games and Will’s idol.)  I think he was daydreaming of the game when I took this broody/assassin –y shot. The mountain terrain looks a lot like some of the maps on the game – added benefit for him.


And, my husband still deserves a swift kick in the pants for this:  as I took this shot, he teased me that it might be the last picture I ever get to take of him, because he was going to die, trying to get the atv down the mountainside…  Good grief… 


It was a cool, wet day -  just another “perfect” in the mountains.


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