I’ve been participating in an on-line class this week called Summer Soul Camp and it’s been better than therapy!

My One Little Word this year is Nurture and so far I’ve not really been doing an extraordinary amount of it.  I have learned that in order to nurture my family, I must first nurture myself.  I’m sure you’ve heard this before too, as I have, but it only really resonated true with me this year, when I saw firsthand that nurturing didn’t happen (for anyone) when I wasn’t taking care of me.

So I’m making it a priority.  Taking the time for me.


The online class has made me aware that I was stressing out over little stuff.  The fact that my day is full shouldn’t stress me out.  My days are joyously full of exactly what I always wanted them to be full of:  taking care of a home and a family. 


Not every moment is as peaceful and harmonious as I would like.  (teenagers…  two of them…)


I wish there was some way to share real inner peace with our boys.  You know when you take a deep breath and listen to the world around you and you feel like it’s just you and God? (and the goldendoodle who inevitably wants attention at that very moment – but you love her like crazy anyway.)

Or when you hug someone (I get this regularly when I hug my husband) and you can imagine and almost feel an exchange of love and energy between you.  It heals.

I didn’t discover these things until my 40s.  I wish my boys could have them now.

2014-07-13 12.14.31opacitywithtext

The biggest self-nurturing activity I’m doing currently is reengaging my Lapband.  I found a new doctor and had an adjustment and I’ll be seeing his dietician/nutritionist every few weeks.  I’m very excited about this. 

The new doctor says I haven’t had much success lately because my band was way too tight.  I HAD to drink water with each bite to avoid being in pain.  Drinking anything with meals is a big no-no.  However, drinking with my meals also prevented my esophagus from dilating, which would have made the band less effective.  It’s all fixed now.


So I’m REALLY making an effort to eat better quality food (which is pretty easy right now with everything coming ready in the garden!)  Of course the band dictates smaller portions.

I’ve started back with yoga and the treadmill, although not daily, like the doctor requested, but something that is maintainable:  Monday, Wednesday, Friday.


More self nurturing:

I’m making time for fun projects too:  Christmas knitting in the evenings and I’m learning to use my sewing machine, which is really coming in handy since I bought it A YEAR AGO with 2 projects in mind…  (supplies already purchased and projects mapped out.)  Better late than never.


I’ve been drying basil every other day (my favorite).  It’s growing like crazy right now!  I’m mixing the Sweet Basil and the Purple Basil together, just to be pretty.  They taste very similar.


Looking out my kitchen window yesterday, I thought I saw a tiny little spot of purple on the columbine.  And sure enough – one very late flower.  I took it as a sign and a personal gift.


I only drink water these days (and one cup of coffee in the mornings).  So I’m trying to jazz up my water and use some of the mint that Scotty insisted on growing this year.  I must find recipes to use this amazing herb!


With all this extra time devoted to me, I haven’t found that I’m short on time.  My experience shows me that when I’m making the time for me, I’m happy to find the time for them. 


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