10 Things

1.  Sometimes you just have to do it:  Scott and I decided to go to bed rather than fix dinner last night.  We were in bed by 8:00! (of course that means I was up at 4:45 this morning…)  Oh well…  it was still awesome.  Boys didn’t mind at all – they’re old enough now to find something to eat and decide when to go to sleep, once in a while. 

2.  I’m working on a couple sewing projects that are really trying my patience!  I think I need a sewing machine lesson… (found out that our local fabric store offers sewing classes!)


3.  Sandy and Kent just went home after spending a week with us.  We miss them already.

4.  A weird cold front is supposed to come in next week.  High of 65, low of 45.  (which would be an all-time record low.)  Should be fun FOR A COUPLE OF DAYS.  (My tomatoes prefer warm!)


5.  My honey will be 50 years old in 2 weeks!  (You’ll always be “The Young One” to me, baby!)

2012-09-09 11.59.40

6.  Spoke with my Mom yesterday (for the first time in over a week – which is really weird.)  Got caught up on mountain house rebuilding and Daddy’s health.  Thankfully, Daddy’s recovery is going much more quickly than the house!!!  He’s improving every day and we’re all so thankful!

7.  We’re working on very preliminary details with the house:  land safety surveys and drawings so far.  Demolition removal is very slow due to neighbors filling up our dumpsters illegally and availability of dumpsters…  Our team is doing all they can.  We still hope to get the driveway and foundation done this year.  (might be a wee optimistic at this point…)

2014-06-28 11.52.05

8.  Looking forward to starting over with my LapBand in a week and a half!

9.  We DO have to spend some time in a family meeting this weekend and talk about some homeschooling goals and direction.  We’ve had a strange summer and year-round school, so far, has not happened.  I need to touch base with our principal and make the plan more concrete.


10.  Realizing 2014 is slipping away already…  It’ll be Fall before we know it!  I want to make shopping plans with Katherine! 


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