The House is Gone

Our demolition team tore down a bunch of the structure with their hands and small tools.  It was slow work and I can’t even imagine how hard it must have been!

I’m getting real tired of the resurgence of emotion that has come about with the final demolition of this place.  I see this picture and I remember Christmas a couple years ago.


It was a perfect Christmas in 2012.  We were in the mountains, perfect amount of snow, just hanging out and enjoying each other.  What great memories!



So, I’m not sure how long our guys worked by hand, but it was coming down slowly but surely.


Then, with help from another friend, they got hold of a giant excavator and did this within a couple hours (I hear):

2014-06-28 11.28.47

It was heartbreaking.  It was shocking.  It was “Holy Shit!”  A house that survived a 1000 Year Flood and the Rockslide and after all that still stood through the winter with feet of snow on the roof and high winds… and it came down in one afternoon.  It was just unbelievable.

With each big step towards recovery, we feel like we’re finally over it, done with the grief finally.  I think we have one more hurdle:  seeing it all completely gone for the first time.  (and they say that may happen within the next couple of weeks.  They’ve already removed 3 or 4 roll-offs full of debris.) 

What a journey this has been.


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