Landslide Clean Up

The first step was to get the remaining items out of the house and to a storage facility.  It was decided the easiest, safest way to do this would be to cut large holes where the windows were and take things out that way.  Here’s the hole in the living room wall:


This is what it looked like from the inside:


And the hole on the left, in the photo below, is what used to be mine and Scott’s bedroom.  We were able to back the trailer right up to the side of the house and friends helped move stuff out.


Here’s what our room looked like from inside, after everything was moved out.  If you remember, this was the room that wasn’t affected by the slide.  It was so eerie to walk in there and everything look completely normal,


except for the fact that the floor was sagging dangerously…  Scott told me, at one point, that the carpet might be the only thing holding it up…  We made sure only one person went in at a time.


We have some sweet friends who are going to help us get this thing done!  Paul and Vicki Ledford and  Jason Rogers and Amber Custer have agreed to take on this huge task.  And we’re so grateful for them.

2014-06-01 11.56.05

They brought in the big machines last weekend. 

2014-06-01 11.57.27

It took the majority of the day to dig out the mud, boulders and trees in the entry/sunroom.  This used to be the room we hung-out in the most.  This was the room where I took all the pictures of knitting and coffee and relaxing.  It’s not a big room and there was so much mud and debris in there that it took two tractors all day to dig it out!  They pulled out the remains of several full-grown trees!

2014-06-01 13.59.56

I only cried once and it was when Scotty came over to me and put his arm around me and hugged me.  He whispered in my ear, “They’re about to bring out your knitting couch.”  It was such a sweet, grown-up thing to do, comforting his Mom like that.  I lost it!


2014-06-01 13.31.47

After a full weekend, we were able to bring a trailer full of stuff down, not much when you think in terms of everything that was lost.  But we’re thankful for each and every item that we were able to keep.

2014-05-31 17.16.08

I believe the honest-to-goodness demolition will start this week – the actual house-falling-down part.  There will be tears.  I should take a bottle of Kahlua…



One thought on “Landslide Clean Up

  1. It’s not that I “like” this post, it’s your grace under heartbreaking conditions, your bittersweet reflections that give hope and light to the future.

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