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The boys and I (and the Goldendoodle girl) have been outside a lot lately!  The Garden isn’t beautiful yet, but it’s all in the ground, fertilized and growing. It’ll get there. The lawn has been mowed and trimmed and weeded.  (I have the bruises and bug bites to prove it.)

The picture below, is our Three Sisters Garden!  I have wanted one for a couple years.  (ever since the boys and I studied about it in our American History lessons.)  This garden was a group effort:  Daddy tilled the spot for us, the boys placed the border and planted the corn.  (They’ll plant the beans in a few weeks too.)  Boo and I planted the squash.  All done just like the Iroquois did it!  (According to Google.)


And it still surprises me sometimes that I love gardening so much.  I hated spending time outdoors most of my life, with all the bugs and dirt and heat.  Now I love it.  I wonder if it’s a relationship with the Earth that you have to grow into.


The herbs this year include:  peppermint and chocolate mint, mostly because my youngest loves mint anything.  Now I have to figure out what to do with it besides put it in tea, which none of us really drink.  But wow, mint is just fun to run your fingers through and smell!

We also have rosemary, basil and cilantro this year.


Our strawberries are phenomenal this year.  Amazing what a little fertilizer can do!  If we don’t get them covered soon, they’re going to be bird and dog food, though…  Which, frankly doesn’t bother me either…  My doggy loves them and I’ve been doing everything in my power to attract birds to our yard.  (boys and I are birding for school.)


Our little KC used to love the garden.  Often I’d find him in the strawberry patch, munching out!  I miss my ornery little boy dog.


I can not believe how long our lilac has been flowering AND through 3 hard freezes.  This giant bush is right outside my office window.  I leave the window open during the day and I can smell the lilacs and hear the wind chimes all morning and afternoon!


This is the old garden box.  (It’s only two years old, but I have a newly constructed one this year that is the NEW garden box.)  This year I put sweet peppers, two kinds of eggplant and a lone, little rosemary.  (Rosemary is one of those things that I plant in order to touch and smell it all summer – even if I never use it to cook.)

I bought Rosemary essential oil this past winter and so far all I’ve done with it is crack the lid and sniff…  (a good picker-upper for me.)


That yellow pot in the back is way bigger in real life than it looks in these pictures.  And this year, it has multi-colored carrots growing in it.  I’ve only done carrots once before and they failed because – I couldn’t bare to thin them.  The greens were so beautiful!  If I find myself having the same issue this year, I’ll get Scott to go kill the scraggly looking ones for me.

This is the side of the yard next to my office window:  lilac, garden box #1, carrots and strawberries and wind chimes!  Perfection!


Here’s the new box, still under construction.  I’m hoping the weather holds out tonight and maybe my man will finish it so that I can get those tomato plants in the dirt!  We got two varieties of Beefsteak and two Early Girls this year.


To me there are a couple weeks in the Spring and a couple weeks in the Fall that our yard looks really good and when the grass is dark green.  In the spring everything’s new and flowering.  In the fall it’s red and gold. 

Ever notice that with your yard?  Or is it just me?


I absolutely LOVE Mayday trees!  When we planted these tiny little sticks, two years ago, I had no idea what they were going to be.  Their first spring didn’t show us anything of their potential.  They didn’t flower at all last year.  This year they went crazy!  And those little flowers smell AMAZING!  Now they’re making tiny little berries that I hear birds love!


This shot below is exciting to me.  I always love an adventure, discovering something new.  This looks like a gate into a secret garden.   AND it looks like someplace way more wooded and foresty than Nebraska.  (I love trees!)


I’m almost done with the paperwork for homeschooling the upcoming year.  I’ll probably have it in the mail early next week.  It’s time-consuming, putting all your plans down on paper, but it wasn’t near as difficult as I thought it was going to be this time, unschooling the majority of subjects these days.


I love it when I feel good enough to play!  Started my Watermelon socks last night.  The hand-painted is a colorway from Knit Picks called Watermelon.  It was given to me by a sweet friend.  I found the matching watermelon-colored pink last weekend.  I couldn’t wait to get these fun socks started!

It’s another Monkey and both times I’ve knit this pattern, I got so bored with it, that I set it aside and it took me several months to finish.  I hope that doesn’t happen this time…


It’s way into May now and this is as far as I’ve gotten on my One Little Word May prompt:


The mountain place is on our minds a lot right now.  We’ve hired a family friend to do the demolition, probably starting June 1st.  He’s agreed to rescue the remaining items that we want from upstairs and he’s going to try his best to preserve those beautiful Aspen trees out front! 

Let the recovery begin!


That’s what’s been happening here.  Now that I have it “down on paper”, it doesn’t look like I’ve been slacking at all…  I was worried for a minute.


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