The Whole 7?

Yep, my Whole 30 lasted 7 days…   But, honestly, I don’t feel badly about that.  I’m so relieved.  The last three days of my effort, I had a terrible headache. 

As a person who suffers from pain a lot, I was not willing to sign up for more.  I was pretty confident it was coffee withdrawal giving me the trouble and sure enough, before I was even finished with the first cup, the headache disappeared!  What a relief! (Just FYI – you can have coffee on The Whole 30.  It’s the creamer that you can’t have and I hate black coffee.)


So now, I have to come up with the new plan.  My lofty ideas of delighted, cooperative boys, eating salad and the husband who loves baked chicken didn’t pan out.


But I did learn, during my Whole 7, that I love fresh fruit smoothies – just fruit, no yogurt, no milk, no ice cream, no sugar.

I’ve learned how to cook several new veggie recipes.  (My children aren’t convinced that’s a good thing, but their favorite veggie is a potato.  What do they know?)

I loathe the term “detox” but I continue to strive to rid my body of effects of the shit-food I’ve eaten most of my life, specifically aspartame and excessive sugar.  I love sweets, but I want to exclusively rely on natural sugar:  maple syrup, honey, stevia, agave, fruit.

I want to continue to make foods when I can and not cave to the convenience of processed/packaged foods, i.e. Mayonnaise, Ranch dressing, granola.


Always thinking of some tweak I can do to our food routine to be a little better for our bodies.  Still this week, debating over what kind of coffee creamer I want to commit to.  (When I told my husband about this dilemma, he replied, “First World problem, babe.”)

My immediate goal is to continue to include lots of different veggies in our family meals.  And for the boys and me, always to reduce our sugar intake.

With summer right around the corner and boys already asking, “When’s the pool going to open?” we’ll be more active and outdoors!  Already making plans for our first camping trip!  We’ll be gardening and eating homegrown, fresh produce soon too.  It’s so much easier to eat healthy and be active  this time of year!


2 thoughts on “The Whole 7?

  1. Love reading your posts, Tina. Reminds me of life in NE, and I miss it! Have you heard of An inexpensive way to get healthier products, as I imagine they might be harder to come by at your local grocer. They ship overseas for cheap, so I use it to get natural cleaners, vitamins, coconut oil, etcetera. Just a thought!

    1. I’ll have to check it out. We’re in Denver so often, I can usually get what I need there. (or Amazon Prime) But iherb’s prices might be better than Amazon. I’ll check. Thanks!

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