Being the Mom of Two Boys

When I was a young teenager, I told friends that I wanted to be the mom of 2 or 3 boys someday.  I thought it would be fun to be the only girl in the home.  It is!


Living in a house full of men has made me more feminine in some ways and less in others.  Girly clothes are not important to me any more.  But I still want a big, strong, brave man to kill all the spiders and fix clogged toilets.

It was fun having babies, taking care of tiny people. 

It was fun having toddlers, when EVERYTHING was new and exciting.

It’s fun having young teenagers, who are starting to dote on their Mom. (which is really what was behind the whole idea of:  Wouldn’t it be great to be the only girl in the house.)


My question is this:  How did this:

Become this:




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