The Swing Set

Guh and Umpa bought our first swing set in Iowa in the summer of 2004.  Will was 3 and Scotty was 2.  They LOVED it!  The boys and I spent a lot of time in our backyard in Iowa.  The trees gave lots of shade, making it nice even on the humid, hot days.

We had picnics on our swing set.

Daddy pushed baby boys on the swings! (I remember yelling at him because I thought he was pushing them too high.)

We really used that swing set and we were in the yard all the time!

And one time, the boys were even shot to death and killed in the shadow of that swing set.

I love the shot below.  Taken in the Fall, but you can see the boys in the upper “tree house” part, happily playing.

So we were really sad to leave our swing set when we decided to move to Sidney.  But Guh and Umpa decided that the boys needed a new swing set almost immediately!

So Daddy built it and they loved it!

We took out several steps on the ladder on the left side, because I didn’t think they were big enough to be climbing that high.  I got nervous every time they were in that little eagle’s nest on the left.  I was just sure someone was going to fall out…  Thankfully, it never happened.

They called it The Treehouse.  I’m not sure how it got the name, but I love it.

When Boo came along, she wanted to go up in The Treehouse, with her boys so much!  She almost got up there a couple of times.


I even used it to model my first quilt!

The swing set was always a hit when friends were over – especially male friends who like to play war/fort/hideout!


And the eagle’s nest was the PERFECT spot to blow bubbles!


Then later, the boys would seek safety in The Treehouse, when Goldendoodle girls got too crazy!


We had it stained dark brown two summers ago.  I thought it was beautiful!  And I took pictures of it even without kids.


Then the last couple of years, the boys were less and less interested in spending time playing on the swing set.  They were too big ALL OF A VERY SUDDEN to use the swings.  Their interests became big kids interests.


There was talk of finding a good home for it last year.  I talked Scott out of it, saying that it provides us a lot of privacy from the neighbors behind us…


The shot below is the last picture I have of one of my boys on The Treehouse.  That’s Scotty and I have no idea why he was out there playing in his bathrobe…  This was taken last Fall.


It was still in beautiful shape.  Scott had reinforced everything for the Nebraska wind and giant boys.  So this past weekend it happened.  The “good family” with little kids came and got our swing set.  They’re our next-door neighbors, so at least moving it wasn’t a big ordeal.

I was able to hold it together long enough to get some pictures and when I realized I was going to cry, I discreetly went inside.


And then later in the afternoon…  I saw this:


It made my heart SING!  And then I cried some more.


4 thoughts on “The Swing Set

  1. Oh my gosh. I almost cried reading this one. Isn’t it funny how ‘things’ can take on a life of their own? What great memories you have and a touching journey the boys made with that play set. Those kind of things make me sad, too. I would be both happy that the play set was going to be loved by a new set of children and that new memories were going to be made, but also sad that my time had come and passed. I know there will be new memories as the kids grow older. But it is hard letting go of the things of the past. Great story, Tina!

  2. Well the damn thing made me cry finally I thought i’ll get thru this but the picture of it next door got to me so I cried. Hehe but great too Date: Mon, 5 May 2014 18:00:48 +0000 To:

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