My Mission Now Has Direction

Farmer's Market - Vegetables

All my life I’ve heard that it takes 30 days to develop a habit.  I’m not sure about that.  For me, 30 days is just long enough to encourage a habit, but not to set it up to succeed. I have to really be committed for a habit to stick!

So here’s my grand scheme:  We’re doing The Whole 30 Challenge, starting on May 1st.  I’m looking forward to learning new ways of cooking, eating new veggies and all along, I’m going to share the experience on my blog!  (really it’s just another excuse to take pretty food pictures with my new camera!)

Lots of recipes in this cookbook look like I’d love them.  Hello Ranch dressing!


One of the things that initially worried me about this plan was all the time involved in making meals.  (Currently, I don’t love to cook.)  This book recommends that you pre-cook the staples and assemble meals out of those items most of the time. 

I just have to stay positive and enjoy the learning process of it all.  Don’t let myself get overwhelmed because that’s the first step in the wrong direction.  Just do it!


I’ve been buying organic and non-GMO for a while now.  But the truth for me is: buying healthy veggies and meat when most of your diet consists of processed, high-carb foods, isn’t making that much of a difference. 

Another reason I want to do The Paleo Diet is health.  I’ve been dealing with undiagnosed chronic pain for a little over 4 years now.  I have very high hopes that eating a whole diet will be “the magic pill”.  (I’m optimistic.  The science behind it just makes sense to me.)


I’m actually excited about getting this thing started!  I’m going to do all the prep cooking tomorrow, and a new way of eating starts on Thursday!  The boys are not amused.


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