Will and I were left home alone this weekend.  He wasn’t feeling well and Scott and Bee wanted to go get some new- mountain-house measuring done in Big Elk.  So they went on their own little adventure while Will (and the girls) and I were homebodies.

Wow, every single day that goes by, I can see a little more of the grown men our boys are becoming!  In this shot, surrounded by computers, tablets and phones, he looks like a young man working on something very important!  (in reality, it was probably gaming or watching Youtube videos about gaming.)


This girl busied herself, keeping an eye out for the neighbor dogs.


And the tiny girl can’t be bothered with such childish pursuits, preferring to stay warm on her soft, fuzzy blankey.


I walked around the yard to see what was going on, yearning for it to be just a couple weeks from now and TIME TO PLANT!  We might actually have a whole bowl of strawberries this year, unless the girls find them…


I didn’t know, when I took this sunshine shot, that it would be the last time I got to see the sun all weekend…  Oh well.


On Saturday, I got my Project Life book all caught up!  These days I just focus on words and pictures – not much embellishing going on anymore.  The pictures were always the stars to me anyway…


I discovered that Will likes eggrolls.  I mean really likes eggrolls.  He had two with Chinese chicken Friday night and asked for more on Saturday!  It was an All Eggroll Weekend!


So below is my last Bountiful Basket.  We aren’t big fresh produce people unless it’s specifically the few fresh items that we love:  broccoli, strawberries, lettuce, onions, garlic, green beans, squash, cauliflower. So this week we got:  squishy tomatoes, a leek that was black and smelly in the center, 1/2 cup of green beans, some peaches and bananas that won’t be ripe for another week and grapefruit that none of us will eat.

For us, it’s better to buy the things we love in quantity at the supermarket.  Live and learn.  Besides I detest having to drop everything in the middle of the afternoon on a Saturday to go pick up my basket…  Just not for me, I guess.


In the meantime, I think Daddy and Bee were having way more fun than we were, hanging out in the mountains, hiking, atv-ing and taking pictures.  And I hear that Bee drove our atv! I haven’t even driven it yet.  And they ate at the Colorado Cherry Company in Pinewood Springs.  I made Scott promise to take me AFTER our Whole 30 Challenge in May!


Perfect, peaceful Sunday morning in Will’s book:  eggs, homemade strawberry jam on biscuits, Spongebob  on television and Clash of Clans on the phone.


The cold front got here!  It’s cold and windy and sprinkling today.  But it isn’t going to freeze tonight, so my tree blossoms and tulips ought to be ok.  And the wind chimes, singing through my office window are pure Heaven to this girl!


Scott and Bee should be home very soon.  So until then, I’ll make a cup of hot tea, knit on a sock and hunker down with a blanket and my slippers.


Hope you’re having a sweet weekend too!


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