Five Things

Five places I’ve lived:

1.  Savannah, Georgia
2.  Fort Collins, Colorado
3.  Seattle, Washington
4.  West Des Moines, Iowa
5.  Sidney, Nebraska


Five favorite foods:

1.  Pizza
2.  Au gratin potatoes
3.  Chili with cornbread and Tobasco
4.  Turkey, dressing and cranberries
5.  Bruschetta


Five hobbies:

1.  Knitting
2.  Scrapbooking
3.  Gardening
4.  Photography
5.  Entertainment coordinator for the family


Five favorite movies:

1.  All the Twilight movies
2.  The Goodbye Girl
3.  All the Star Trek movies
4.  The Lake House
5.  Frozen


Five favorite books:

1.  All the Twilight books
2.  All the Night Huntress books
3.  The Outlander books
4.  The Hunger Games books
5.  The Nightwalkers books


Five favorite t.v. shows:

1.  Vampire Diaries
2.  The Originals
3.  Walking Dead
4.  The Voice
5.  The Pioneer Woman


Five favorite things to grow in the garden:

2.  Summer squash
3.  Basil
4.  Flowers
4.  Strawberries (if we ever had a good yield.)


Five favorite holidays, in order:

1.  Christmas
2.  Halloween
3.  Valentine’s Day
4.  Thanksgiving
5.  Labor Day (the beginning of Autumn)


Just thought I’d have fun on the blog this morning!



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