This Week–Our First Week of Dabbling in Unschooling

Monday the boys and I were in Scottsbluff all day, repairing a broken retainer at the orthodontist’s office.  I hate the drive, but the opportunity to talk to the boys is priceless!  Then this girl was SO HAPPY when we came home!


Tuesday we started our version of Unschooling.  Not only is “Unschooling” learning-all-the-time, as you live your life, it’s also learning HOW to do that.  It’s not as easy as it sounds.  And Lord, please forgive me for ever thinking Unschooling was a cop- out!

I had each boy fill out a questionnaire/interview this week about their current interests and what they’re thinking about and dreaming about.  I felt it would be a good starting point for me to figure out strewing, which is a learning technique that I want to experiment with in our home.

Strewing is leaving items out, around the house to piqué someone’s interest in a certain topic.  For example,  leaving the computer open to a Youtube video about the formation of snow vs. hail (which is something Scotty had asked me about this week),  leaving a coffee table book open to pictures of pirate ships, which is a current interest of Will’s.  (which reminds me – I need to go to the library.)

Also want to get this: (it looks like it might be Trivial Pursuit for American History.)  That sounds like fun!  Anything in the form of a game will be a hit with these two.

Our Grandma gave us a fun Crossword/spelling board game for Christmas called Bananagrams that we’re going to start “playing” during school for spelling practice too.20140204_111834

Wednesday went really well too.  Sadly, the weather has kept us indoors most of this week but that’s to be expected in February, right?  With high temperatures hovering around 5 degrees this week and two friends having had furnaces quit working, I was very thankful for our warm home. (I’m now giving more thought to adding a fireplace to this house!)


This new schooling solution might just work!  I have happy boys again!  AND there’s still learning going on!  This might just work!

The one night this week that I had my act together enough to suggest the boys cook dinner, they ended up watching me cook.  They’ve dabbled in the kitchen before, but nothing too complicated.  IT’S REALLY HARD TO LET YOUR CHILDREN WORK WITH FIRE AND KNIVES!  


Then Thursday Scott and I both were sick…  like sick in bed…  all day…  just wanting to sleep until the yucky went away. School didn’t happen…  life did.  Oh well… (Boo wasn’t sick, but she was very tired that evening…)


Friday it was all good again and although we did very little from any textbooks, there were some awesome lessons to be learned!  (And it was Gym Day!  Woo Hoo!)


I had a live-and-learn moment this week in regards to later school start times.  My teenager, if left to sleep as late as he wants, WILL SLEEP TIL LUNCHTIME.  So, we’re going to compromise and set the alarms again, but they’ll be set for 8:30 instead of 6:30…  Live-and-learn.


2 thoughts on “This Week–Our First Week of Dabbling in Unschooling

  1. My twelve year old is by nature a night owl. Not a LATE one–but the ‘to bed between 1:30 and 4 if he’s not paying attention’ kind.
    Since that doesn’t work for our family (we miss him too much!), we try to urge him to sleep at around 12:30-1:00, and wake-up time is about 10. Still loads of time to himself, but that way the family isn’t waiting on him to begin our day’s adventure. 🙂

    Congratulations on your venture into unschooling. It’s such a marvelous, marvelous place to be!!

    1. Stephanie,
      Your blog seems so peaceful and calm. My house is far from that, especially in the morning when I’m waiting on the boys to get up and get ready to start the day. I’m antsy and it’s frustrating that we aren’t starting anything until almost lunchtime… Any advice on how to handle this or suggestions to help me get over it?

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