Learning a new camera

I was on the fence up until the moment I handed the money to the salesman at Mike’s Camera.  I haven’t spent this much money on myself in a very long time…


When I got my new toy home, I was almost afraid to use it.  I knew I had a lot to learn.  But after a couple of days, I finally put my beloved  point-and-shoot aside and started playing with the new one – only on automatic settings!

And I got a couple really crisp, pretty exposure shots:


The next two are a little weird and I’m not sure why, but I still like the look.  (a little too bright, I think and I couldn’t compensate with Photoshop or it looked weird.)


Still crisp and better than I was getting before…  and this was all still on automatic settings.


The socks were a lesson in small F numbers and making sure that you focus on the spot you want.  I probably would have liked to use a little larger F number (smaller aperture) and get more of the sock in focus.  Right?


I’m doing some patient, slow learning from a blog that was recommended by a photographer friend of mine here:  http://www.doeadeery.com/2013/05/exposure-made-easy-part-1-aperture.html

The first week, we play with aperture, putting the camera in Aperture Priority setting.


And I think I know that I already prefer low F numbers.  I really, really didn’t want to get into a collection of lenses but my big, fancy, new lens won’t go below F3.5, so  another lens is in my near future. 


The last couple pictures were taken while paying attention to aperture.  Looking more like what I want all the time!



And I think I’m ready for lesson 2 now!


4 thoughts on “Learning a new camera

  1. I’m a fan of the lower F numbers myself, I love the dreamy blurry backgrounds and crisp foregrounds. I ADORE your vail mug, I collect Starbucks mugs but have yet to buy any of the new designs. I just got my brand new 70D in January (this month) and I too nearly fainted to hand over so much cash at once. I think I blogged about it too!! We can learn together. So nice to read your blog and see your pix.

  2. LOVE that Vail mug!! You’re super smart to take it slowly with your camera so you’re not completely overwhelmed. Congrats on the camera and learning so much already, so exciting!! Those socks are AMAZING, did you make them?? And, yes, a larger f/stop number/smaller aperture would have gotten more of the socks in focus, but I like the detail and focus how you shot it!

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