Closing out 2013–Project Life

I didn’t think I had fallen too far behind on my Project Life book.  (I don’t like to put time constraints on my hobbies – that makes them subject to the same stress that regular life is…)  I don’t feel the need to do an entry every week anymore and instead  only do them when I have time and feel like playing.  But there was so much that I wanted to record at the end of this year, that it took quite a bit of time to finish the book out.  We were very busy, having fun.  AND IT WAS ALL GOOD!  (I had a ball putting the final touches on this book too!)


This first week documented was the last week of normal life for the year.  After this, school was hit and miss, we were out of town as much as we were home, I was CRAZY, preparing for Thanksgiving and Christmas (which all had to be done early this year because…  oh, you’ll see.)

See that deep, dark, beautiful red yarn below?  That was a gift from my knitting buddy, Katherine.  It has shiny, golden threads and several different shades of red.  It’s GORGEOUS!  I’m looking for just the right pattern for it.  (Don’t want to do socks – I want the project to be more visible than socks.)  If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment or email me.  The colorway is called Tru Blood, if that inspires you to think of the perfect thing to make!


Next is our first of two weeks in Vail.  I was worried about being there two weeks this time, thinking that it was going to be too long, that I’d miss my girls too much, that we’d all get terribly homesick.  It didn’t happen.  (and I knew my girls were in their second favorite place on Earth – Guh and Umpa’s house.  And according to my Mom, they didn’t even notice we were gone…  WHATEVER!)


Our youngest, at the ripe, old age of 11, started shaving on this trip!  I was a little sad about the whole thing, but really glad to see the moustache gone!  Santa Claus brought him an electric shaver for Christmas.  And he must like shaving, because that’s the one thing I don’t have to remind him to do every morning.

The first week we were in Vail, it was just the four of us – a little more laid back.  We weren’t concerned when there was nothing to do – we just hung out at the condo and watched movies, knit, the boys x boxed.  It snowed and that was great!  I didn’t worry about meals, didn’t plan menus.  We just let it happen.  And Scott cooked a lot!  And we homeschooled the first week.  (I was proud of us!)


Then the second week, the real fun began!  The Georgia cousins arrived and it was like a completely different vacation, full of energy and action, doing stuff and going out, laughing and craziness!  SO MUCH FUN!  There were coffee shops, movies, manicures, ice skating, skiing, snowmobiling, drove to Aspen and rode the gondola, eating out and hanging out.  We don’t get to see them near enough.

We had Thanksgiving dinner at the condo in Vail.  Scott did the majority of the cooking – I think.  Aunt Marla might have done a bunch too – all I know is that I DIDN’T! (and it was very cool!)  Didn’t stop me from stressing out about having everything there though…  Ugh…



Now, the first week of December, we’re back home and Mommy has a ton of stuff to do!  We go back to school but it feels different, like we are short-timers at a job where we’ve already given a 2-week notice.  Things aren’t sinking in and definitely not sticking.  I remember discussing this with a teacher friend and it happens at regular school too – the kids start anticipating the upcoming holiday and productivity just slows way down.  So I didn’t panic, we stuck with it, although it wasn’t the normal load, and we got through it.



There was lots of Christmas knitting done in the evenings (and I was able to finish all the projects in time this year!)  We made time to bake cookies and do a couple Christmas projects.  I sent out Christmas cards this year.  It was a good busy.


So then I’m not really sure what the *%#@ I was thinking, but I scheduled EVERY SINGLE doctor appointment, for every family member, for the rest of the year, THE WEEK BEFORE CHRISTMAS.  Hmmm…  (I know, brilliant, huh?!)

So off to Colorado we go:  we have 2 days of appointments at National Jewish for my honey, and an endoscopy the day we get back to Sidney – woo hoo,  a tummy check-up at Children’s Hospital for Scotty, I have a massage therapy appointment and the girls have a doggy spa trip.  Exhausted by the end of each day and I was thrilled to sit down and knit and visit with my Mom in the evenings. 


I’m not sure why – but it seemed that our gifts to the kids were way toned down this year…  I’m not sure why.  I spent almost the same amount of money as I do most years.  Maybe it’s because Guh and Umpa give them money these days and the boys decided to put that aside to buy an X box One – that still has yet to be bought.  Maybe it’s because everything they want is more expensive now that they’re big kids and I just need to get used to it… 

Isn’t our little tootsie-pop beautiful in her Christmas Glamour shot?  I always take several shots when I’m taking pictures and I hope that one is really good.  This shot of tootsie-pop was the first one snapped and I knew it was the one.  She was so cooperative…  compared to big, ol’ scaredy cat, Boo-berry, who was very unsure of the string of twinkle lights.


This last page, below, was thrown together with pictures from the last two weeks of December – no rhyme nor reason. (I had to fill the back of the page protector.)  But I found that there were pictures that were being left out and stories that still needed to be told, so that was cool!  Then…  I realized that I needed another page…  (giggle, giggle)

We got lots of beautiful shots of my mom this year and I wanted to use them.  I love that shot of Scotty and me, showing how big he’s gotten. 

AND THE MOST IMPORTANT STORY ON THIS PAGE:  my honey is doing SO WELL, that his primary doctor at National Jewish speculated that the sarcoidosis “MIGHT BE GONE.”  All his tests, for the first time since he was diagnosed, came back in the normal ranges.  DAMN, THAT WAS AWESOME NEWS! 



Simple collages cause we got so many good pictures.  (I have Scott to thank for all these pictures of my folks!)  Thank you, honey!  You’re the cat’s meow!


I complained to Scott that every picture I had taken of Daddy, he looked mad AND I DIDN’T WANT TO USE THEM.  So Scott got him while he was telling us a story, in action, where Daddy thrives. (might be the preacher coming out in him.)


Thought this would make a fun, little page:  (it’s a compilation of my Facebook statuses from the past year.  A fun thing that Facebook offers every year.)  It’s a little bit of a bummer this time because there’s a lot being said about losing our mountain house.  But we can’t deny that it happened, so here it is.


And finally, here’s what happens to the Christmas cards that we get!  I make a collage and put them in a scrapbook every year.  I try to get as much of the family photos as will fit, and the pretty designs on the cards.


Two VERY special cards couldn’t get chopped up though:  One handmade card from my dear friend, Tracey and one from my Aunt Sally that included old pictures of my Daddy when he was a kid.  That’s the last page and Project Life 2013 is done.


At the end of it all, I really prefer only having one book for the year.



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