Right now…

Celebrating…  Will’s 13th birthday today!


Feeling… happy that friends wanted to hang out on New Year’s Eve, at the last minute!

Drinking… hot cocoa and peppermint Schnapps

Prepping… to begin a new One Little Word and a new scrap project with Cathy Zielske tomorrow!

Working on…  Nurturing and Jumpstarting.

Reading…   The whole Night Huntress series again, in anticipation of the release of the final book in January.  (sniff, sniff)

Planning…   Will’s 13th Birthday party in a couple of weeks, down in Colorado:  laser tag, dinner at his choice of restaurant with Guh and Umpa and a cake and presents!

Looking forward to… Seeing Guh and Umpa this Saturday.  (impromptu visit.)

Needing to… take the Christmas stuff down…  I guess…

Hoping to…   motivate ourselves to start on the storeroom today.

Loving…   the cold and snow outside that’s keeping us home and together today!

Shopping for… a new Canon T5i Rebel and fancy lens!

Watching…  The Walking Dead Marathon

Texting…. Guh – she’s a little upset that Will won’t respond to her happy birthday text today.



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