The Cutest Thing I’ve Ever Made and Never Used

It’s been so long since I made this cute little project, I can’t remember when it was.  I’m sure it was in Iowa, so at least 7 YEARS AGO…


I keep it in my office at home because I think it’s pretty.  It just sits there, though.  I have all my recipes in 3-ring binders and I have no use for a recipe box full of index cards…


I don’t remember what possessed me to make this – whether it was destined to be a gift or what – I can’t remember.  I was just eager to make stuff when I first started dabbling in arts and crafts.  I was shocked that I could do it – any of it.  I’d stay up late in the night making stuff and scrapbooking. (I had two babies and no time during the day and my honey was getting his degree and up until all hours doing homework.)


I still love all those ribbons!  Some would say, “That’s SO 2005.”  To which I’d reply, “Whatever, scrapbook snob!” and then I’d make a very unsophisticated snorty noise.


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