November 3, 2013

Outside my window… Unseasonably warm today, 66.  Bottom falling out tomorrow with a high of 45 and snow overnight possible.

I am thinking…  My honey needs to write a letter to get out of jury duty!  (he’s been called in during our Thanksgiving vacation.  I’m not canceling another vacation, Scott!)

I am thankful…  That this week is our school bye week!

In the kitchen…  Daddy’s going to grill cheeseburgers tonight.  Boys and I are going to bake chocolate mint cookies tomorrow!

I am wearing…  Jeans, my favorite cotton, pink Henley and slippers.

I am creating…  I’ve almost made up my mind to do my own version of December Daily this year.

I am going…  To Vail for Thanksgiving!  Two weeks in one of my favorite places in the world.

I am wondering…  What I’ll buy at Katherine’s 31 party…  I CAN’T DECIDE!

I am reading…  The fifth book in the Mortal Instruments series.  (#6 doesn’t come out until May.)

I am hoping…  We get to go to Big Elk next weekend.  Highway 36 opens Nov. 4th  and CR 47 opens on Nov. 8th .  Next Saturday is the 9th.  (I have a sneaky suspicion that my folks might try to get up there before then though.)

I am looking forward to…  A new episode of The Walking Dead tonight!

Around the house…  All the doors and windows are open today!

A few plans for the rest of the week:

A peek into my day…



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