Isn’t it Time for a Crafty Post?

A HAPPY, crafty post!  That’s what this is going to be, dammit!  You know, except that some of my crafting is about the landslide…  Not much, though, I promise.

I HAVE NOT been keeping up with Project Life this year.  Just haven’t had it in me to do an in-depth, two page layout every week.  Now I just do them as the mood hits me.  And honestly, I think I like this process better.  It feels less forced and more fun.  This is probably what I’ll do from now on.  I still LOVE Project Life, but we’re all free to change it up a bit.


I’ve had less time to devote to artsy endeavors lately.  Mostly I’m suffering from self-imposed time constraints that I need to get over, but that’s the facts.  I RARELY make “relaxation” or “having fun” a priority for myself.  I see the wisdom in making it a priority for my family but not so much for me.  What’s wrong with me?  Duh!


So I haven’t done any scrapbooking for a while and really, really enjoyed myself all day Sunday, taking my time and putting this all together and catching up on my One Little Word class.


Conceivably, I should have more time to do fun stuff the rest of the year because Scott’s job has canceled all his work travel for the rest of the calendar year.  And wouldn’t you know it?  Soon as I find out we won’t be traveling, I have to go to Colorado for a week to do “stuff”!  (the doggy spa and massage therapy.)  And what really sucks is this time Scott won’t be coming with us.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder…


We’re experiencing our first really cool spell this week – highs in the 50s all week.  Which makes me think that Holiday preparations will be filling a lot of my time pretty soon.  And this year we’re meeting our Georgia Cousins in Vail to celebrate Thanksgiving!  Haven’t seen them in FOREVER!  We’re all really looking forward to it.

This is my entry for October in my One Little Word book:


It was mostly just an exercise in fun – getting messy with paint and ink and such.  I have to be in just the right mood to do this kind of thing and when I first sat down to watch the lesson video, I WAS NOT IN THE MOOD.  But as the day went on, I realized it could be therapeutic. (and it was!)

Here’s my entry for September, which was a complete deviation from the class assignment but necessary for my book:


I had been craving cake frosting for a month!  I finally did something about it!  My family was really happy with me!


Already finished Will’s Christmas socks!  And at the rate that he’s growing right now, they probably won’t fit by the time Christmas gets here…  Mama has started on Scotty’s socks, but I may have to finish them up.  And I started on another Christmas knitting project and wouldn’t you know it – I hurt my right hand/arm last night and haven’t been able to knit today…  Hoping that goes away really soon!  Keep your fingers crossed for me.


Been feeling the need for a little gratitude in our daily  lives, so we’re making daily thankful notes again!


Finally some good t.v. again!  I’m really enjoying this new show:


I’ve always LOVED Buffy and Mork!  Both of which I’m old enough to have watched in their original airings.  WHATEVER!

AND…  AND…  AND – Walking Dead is here again!  I never would have started watching this creepy, zombie show if it hadn’t been for the bad influence of my dear friend, Katherine!  Thanks a lot, K!  LOL  (My husband refuses to watch it with me – he is a total anti-zombie guy!)


Yesterday was our 13th wedding anniversary!  We were planning on going out to a nice dinner.  (It’s so great now that we can leave the kids home alone for a while and not have to hire a babysitter.)  But as the weather got colder throughout the day and the wind got stronger (and I forgot about going out and had put dinner in the crock pot) we decided to stay home.  We promised each other that we’d celebrate next time we’re in Colorado – just the two of us, go somewhere nice and hang out and have fun together.

Happy anniversary, baby!  You constantly amaze me!  I love you more than I ever thought I could love anyone! 

20130929_184640 (2)


One thought on “Isn’t it Time for a Crafty Post?

  1. I sure love how you talk about this and that and there are so many this and that’s! Makes me feel sort of normal after reading this post. Happy anniversary, you amazing sock making mama. I’m super impressed with your sock making abilities and your strong desire to be grateful so much so you have a jar ready for it! It was nice to stop by for a visit today.

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