End of Summer 2013

I’m a little sad to be thinking about the end of summer already.  My garden was very disappointing this year.  (homegrown tomatoes are the main reason I love summertime…)  But I can’t help but be excited about getting back into the school routine!  (I wish I could figure out how to make the boys half as excited as I am…)


So these images are from the last few days:  harvesting what little there is from our garden, a trip to the hospital for Bee, lots of knitting and our annual Labor Day shopping trip with my sister and niece! 

The leaves are beginning to change and I usually put up our Fall décor on September first NO MATTER WHAT…  But, for some reason, this year, I’m just not in the mood yet – it’s supposed to be close to 100 degrees every day this week – maybe that has something to do with it…  First cool day, though and you know what I’ll be doing!

I’ve got lots of Christmas knitting going right now (I’m able to better tolerate All-Geek-Television-All-the-Time in the evenings when my hands are busy.  So that must make my geek happy.)  And I’m reading this book:


The boys showed some interest in this book series, so I’m reading the first one to see if I think it’s appropriate.  Also thinking about taking them to the movie to get them excited about reading it.  (I think there are 3 books in the series and I’ve heard they’re really good.)  It’s young adult fiction, but you never really know until you read it…  I’m enjoying it.

And here’s school this year:


This is everything but math.  When the boys saw it, they both pretended to drop dead from a heart attack…  WHATEVER!

This new curriculum looks fun to me!  It even includes projects, art, field trips, cooking.  It seems like a lot of reading but I guess we’ll see when we get into it. 

It all starts on Monday.  Wish us luck!


One thought on “End of Summer 2013

  1. Best wishes for your new school year with the boys and I’m hearing that gardens all around didn’t do too well this season. We had the worst crop ever of our tomatoes and even the zucchini which normally I can barely keep up with scarcely produced. I’m hoping this means next spring will make up for it. I for the first time ever planted some winter things. Like pumpkin and broccoli. My potatos seems to be doing well, the above groudn plant part anyway. Glad you left a comment on my blog. The one about the birthday boy and bug wreck;) I like your type of blog so much and subcribed yesterday. Look forward to seeing what you year unfolds.

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