Befores and Afters

Originally the plan was just to do the boys’ playroom.  They’re pack rats and refuse to part with anything.  I knew their cute, little room had become a scary, cluttered dumping ground, but I couldn’t do anything about it easily with the boys around…  So I made plans to ship them off to Guh and Umpa for a week and get busy!  I didn’t throw away anything.  It’s all in bags in the store room.  I just couldn’t throw out their “stuff”…  We didn’t buy anything new for this room, just shuffled stuff around and threw out broken pieces.


Outside the playroom above, Will has his own space.  (we call it the den.)  And it had become a little out-of-control as well.  So I decided to do something about it too.  Then Daddy decided to rearrange the furniture.  What a difference!  And I love moving furniture and really being able to get a space all cleaned up!  The only thing I bought for this area was a new Xbox battery charger because I was told Will’s didn’t work.


Believe it or not, picture-taking-me forgot to take a “before shot” of their bathroom…  suffice it to say, it was a sloppy boy mess of a room too and NOW IT’S NOT!  New shower curtain, rug and silk fern.


And finally attacked their bedroom.  Cute rooms just have a way of evolving into a not-so-cute mess, don’t they?  Over time, it starts looking dumpier and dumpier and you remember when you fixed it, it HAD BEEN cute…  The boys decided they wanted two twin beds instead of the one king this time.  All the covers are sentimental left-overs from when they had bunk beds.  I bought two new bed skirts for this room and that’s it.  What a dramatic difference!  They’re going to love it!  Just reorganizing, cleaning up, letting go of stuff.  I even went through all their clothes and tossed things that are outgrown and organized everything.  Now that it’s over, I just go down there to look at it!


The boys won’t be home again until Friday.  I’m dying for them to see it all!  I made a real effort to make everything look less “little kid” and more “young man” too.  I hope it shows.


3 thoughts on “Befores and Afters

  1. Everything looks great! I can’t believe that you have to wait until Friday for them to see it! Hope that means the rest of the week is about you, the pups & Scott!

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