Time to Reconnect


I see him everyday.  We connect everyday, over coffee.  Why do we need to go away alone together to “reconnect”?

Maybe we didn’t NEED to go away together.  But it was awesome to have him all to myself again!

Here’s our cute, little, beachy-looking room.  We didn’t see much of it, though.  We were big-time tourists, averaging walking 8 miles per day.


Here’s the view from our balcony, where we did manage to find time to have a drink a couple nights.


The weather was perfect for us:  mostly sunny during the day, fog coming in at night and hanging around in the morning AND COOL.  Highs in the low-mid 60s every day.  Beautiful!


Walked across the street from our hotel one night to a little restaurant called Pescatore, where Foursquare bought me a delicious mushroom pizza for dinner!


I remembered clam chowder in a sourdough bowl on just about every corner, when I was in San  Francisco 17 years ago.  I remembered it because it’s yummy and warm – and apparently it’s always cold in northern California…  So the first meal I had was:


Walking, walking:


This was the view from the Google Glass office: 





The view was impressive, the office was very cool and trendy, the staff was very happy.  It was a completely fun experience!  And my honey was in Heaven – he got Glass!


It was a LONG walk to the Google office and that was our first day there.  Having flown in that morning, we were pooped.  We were thrilled to find a bike taxi to take us home!


More walking:




I had never been to Chinatown before.  It was very cool.  Absolutely felt like you were no longer in the United States.


Sadly, we found out that people trying to ride on the trolley are mostly a rude bunch…  So we made sure to be super nice to everyone!



Fog hung out over the Golden Gate the whole time we were there.  But it made for some awesome pictures!


Got to sit in the studio audience at a taping of TWiT (This Week in Tech) in Petaluma, CA.  A side trip for Scott, but I really enjoyed it too.


We had to have a car to get to Petaluma.  Here she is.  The only time I was afraid for our safety was when Scott had to walk back from the car rental place, at night, alone.  I waited, almost holding my breath, until he got back to our room.  I’m not sure why I was worried.  The next day we DID witness a person getting robbed, but that hadn’t happened yet…  Premonition?



Hallie’s Diner in Petaluma makes pretty good food, and is a VERY cute place.


I was very surprised to see how huge this place is.  This is the Palace of the Fine Arts at The Presidio.  It’s really a beautiful thing!


Lombard Street is always fun and beautiful!  I’d hate to live there, though.  I’ve never seen it NOT bumper to bumper.


On our last day, we rented this little (mostly street legal) go-cart to tour around.  It was GPS guided and took you on a tour of the most visited places around town.  We easily could have made this last all day, but we only had a few hours.  It was really fun! (but ALMOST too cold.)


Pilot’s Row:



Sea Cliff:  (Robin Willams and Sharon Stone live here.)


I really could have used a couple more days there, but I’m so thankful for the time we had together, reconnecting.  We’re still fun.  We haven’t lost it, baby!


One thought on “Time to Reconnect

  1. So much FUN! I am as happy for you as I am envious! San Fran is my favorite city, there and San Diego. I’ve been many times and hope to go back again someday soon. That little GPS car looks like a riot!!

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