A Moment to Think

First off I want to share some happy, happy news:  all Will’s medical tests came back normal!  The dizzy spells are most likely growing/hormone related.  The doctor feels strongly that the spots on his brain are an old injury probably from his traumatic birth.  There shouldn’t be any complications from an old injury.  We will follow up in a few months with the pediatric neurologist just to be sure.  We are so happy and relieved!

We’ve been filling our days lately,  that’s for sure.  We took our first REAL camping trip with our new camper over the Fourth of July weekend.  Joined up with all our cousins in Colorado and we had a blast!  Can’t wait for us all to get together and do it all again in September!


LOVE this picture of mean, big, tough Justin and his baby girls:



My ever-fearless cousin, Debbie:



She was only happy when she was eating and sleeping:


All of girls were happy in this picture:


My Dood!


The kids found this poor little pine tree and decided it was a teeter totter…  They had so much fun and nobody thought about getting the sap off their hands and bottoms until it was too late


Dood is HUGE into archery!


My gorgeous man!!!!


We’re going to try to fit in a mini camping trip, just the four of us in August – but we already have so much going on.  I’m not sure it’ll happen.  We have a outdoors-home-projects day we want to do in August (paint the fence, paint the garden shed, re-fabric and rock a front flower bed) and we want the boys to go to Guh and Umpa’s house WITHOUT US in August for a week (so that we can thin out and store some of their things that, so far, they’ve been unwilling to part with). We’ll have to wait and see what the Daddy’s work schedule is going to turn out to be before we can make any plans…

When we got home from our fabulous camping trip, the new flooring arrived!

We replaced some dated, worn out laminate with real wood:


I’m very happy with how this turned out!


This is the boys’ study, looking way more grown-up than it used to…


This is my office, with a lot less stuff in it.  It was becoming very cramped and cluttered and I was feeling kinda like a cave woman.  Now I love my space again!


The living room looks twice as big, having been decluttered and furniture reinvented and of course the new carpeting.


And now the house is all put back together and the fuzzy girls are happy again:


It was a lot more work than I thought but I was happy to do it.  It’s so clean and new and beautiful.  You can’t tell from this picture, but our little tootsie-pop is now wearing a doggy diaper all the time.  She can’t be trusted since she started taking a mild diuretic for congestive heart issues.  She doesn’t like the process of putting it on, but doesn’t seem to mind it much the rest of the time.  We have to pin it to a sweater in order to make sure it stay on.  She’s so tiny and her hair is thin, she seems to really enjoy the sweater!

So this week Scott and I will be going to San Francisco for a few days.  We’re very excited to be having a fun trip, just the two of us.  We both love San Francisco and this will be the first time we’ve been there together.

Can’t believe summer break is half over already.  Where is the time going?


One thought on “A Moment to Think

  1. Tina the wood floor looks amazing with that awesome paint job :). Glad you are having a fun summer. Thinking of you guys.

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