No, it is NOT All Good…

This is Children’s Hospital Denver:


I fucking HATE the fact that we had to be there and we’ll have to be there again.  I keep telling myself that I need to be thankful for these people and the fact that we have access to them.  I fucking HATE needing to have access to them.

Can you tell I’m having a hard time coping, that I’m a little angry, that I have a potty mouth to prove it.  (there have been lots of “fucks” around here lately.)  And there’ll probably be lots more until we get a clean bill of health for our boy.

Prayer is trying (really, really trying) to help.  My husband is a ROCK and I’m so, so lucky to have him.  Family and friends are pulling me up.  Home and doggy-kids are giving me strength and the above mentioned boy is my strongest tether to happiness right now.

Please pray for my family.  Keep your fingers crossed, make a wish on a star, send positive energy – whatever you do, please do it now.  It’s greatly appreciated.


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