Things on my mind this morning…

Project Life, I love you, but this year you’re proving to be a little difficult to keep up with…


So, I had to decide if I wanted to let it go this year…  NO, I DON’T!  (that was easy…)


So, I’ve switched from doing a two-page spread every week to doing one spread every two weeks.  So much better right now, with Scott’s job taking us to Colorado for a week, every other week.  I can do this when we’re home.  It’s working out great and I still get to record life.


I took an unusually large number of Instagram pictures this time.  Enough to put together an extra little page.


Something else that just occurred to me recently:  I remember things better because of all the pictures I take.  Our boys remember things from Iowa because of the scrapbooks they’ve looked at through the years.  I’m so thankful I had a friend drag me into this hobby. (in 2002, shortly after Scotty was born.)  Although I’m not near as “enthusiastic” about it these days:  I don’t spend tons of money on it anymore and I don’t spend hours on one page any more, I still take pictures and document.  The pictures and words were always the stars!


We’ve been home for 3 straight weeks now.  Just lucked out with how Scott’s time at work needed to be spent in Sidney .  It was nice to give Guh and Umpa a break and for us to catch up with stuff at home.  I’ve been busy everyday with appointments.  (dentist, physical therapy, massage) 

Next week in Colorado, I’ll be catching up some more:  two girls to the doggy spa,  an appointment for an eye exam and possibly new glasses and hopefully a lunch date with my honey.


Not a lot of journaling on this last page because the pictures were so pretty on their own.  It was a choice not to cover them or write on them.  Springtime at our house looks a little like fall with all the deep, dark red and purple.  I LOVE IT!

I love that shot of Bee, playing in the front yard.  Scott took that with his new phone.  He needs to show me if that’s something I can do with my phone…  So much fun.

No, I haven’t become Amish.  That’s an ice pack on my head.  I started back on synthetic thyroid replacement a month ago and I’m loving all the (pretty extreme) side effects:  insomnia (I’m blogging at 5 in the morning), breaking out, HAIR LOSS so drastic that I’m internet shopping for wigs – just in case,  the most lovely metallic, bitter taste in my mouth and hot/cold flashes…  I’m pretty sure it’s getting better – I’ve been on the new meds for 5 weeks…

Physically I feel better than I have in years!  Physical therapy and massage must be working, which makes everyone (and me) believe that my problems have been muscle related for a long time.  (probably brought on from stress, since I became sick right after Scott was diagnosed with sarcoidosis.)


Scott is going great!  He just recently was re-evaluated for a defibrillator and it was determined that his heart is healthy!  He doesn’t need a defib.  That was great news!  So we’re taking some time to enjoy the glow of good news and health!  (I’ll follow up with our cardiologist soon to find out what’s next.  Gotta keep my man healthy!)


Today I have NO APPOINTMENTS!  I need to get some groceries.  (I cooked dinner last night AND IT SUCKED!)  I ended up putting it down the garbage disposal and the family fended for themselves…  (the boys were probably happy that they didn’t have to eat shrimp fried rice…)  So I have to redeem myself tonight.  I need to pay some bills.  But with most of the day, I’m going to take it easy, relax, work on fun stuff:  One Little Word, maybe do some knitting and garden-babying.

Happy June and Happy Thursday!


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