What’s On Your…


PERENNIAL TO DO LIST: this time of year, it’s yard/garden stuff.  I love spending time outside, watching things grow, taking care of them.  And this year we’re catering to the wild birds too – keeping the feeders and bird baths full.   This weekend we made a tent cover for the tomato box – just to try to keep them a little warmer until summer really kicks in. I’ll have to go out there and peek at them every day – I miss being able to see them from my office window.


REFRIGERATOR SHELVES: Fresh strawberries (I can’t get enough strawberries and cottage cheese lately – even better when I can find organic)  and grapes, summer sausage and sharp cheddar.  Some yummy left-overs, destined to be reheated for lunch this week.


ITINERARY: We’re heading back to Colorado at the end of the week.  We will have been home for 3 weeks straight this time.  It’s been really nice to have the time to catch up and catch our breath!  (We are all starting to miss Guh and Umpa, though.)

FANTASY ITINERARY: I think I’m looking forward to our trip to Vail this November.  It’ll be two weeks this time because we had to cancel the whole trip last time.  I DO get a little melancholy when I think about being away from my girls for that long, though…  Guh and Umpa have agreed to babysit for us – which makes it bearable for me.

she loves outside


PLAYLIST: Always some John Denver and lately anything with a happy beat.

NIGHTSTAND: ear plugs, Theraband (for at-home physical therapy exercises), Shadowdwellers book 2

WORKOUT PLAN: A little treadmill and daily physical therapy.  Going to sign up the boys and myself for Pilates class this fall!

PHONE: Pedometer, Kitchen Timer, Instagram, Keep, Foursquare, Audible, Kindle

TOP 5 LIST: 1. Eating and living healthy. 2. Letting go of fear and worry. 3. Stopping and smelling the coffee. 4. Re-prioritizing and making fun closer to the top of the list. 5. Focusing on the positive.


MIND: Be present, be grateful.

BLOGROLL:  Ali Edwards, Posie Gets Cozy, Soule Mama, Cathy Zielske

WALLS OF YOUR FAVORITE ROOM IN YOUR HOUSE: My kitchen has pretty walls, painted with a peaceful, sage green.

LIQUOR SHELF: We have assorted beer (for spontaneous celebrating with friends), we have my favorite wine:  Carolina Red by Duplin Winery in North Carolina, and my honey always has a bottle of snobby Scotch.

LAST CREDIT CARD STATEMENT: EVERYTHING – we like accumulating reward points! (we pay it off every month.)

SCREENSAVER: Old Town Fort Collins at Christmas time.


TV EVERY NIGHT: Almost always boring boy crap that puts me right to sleep:  Top Gear, Mythbusters, Youtube videos (which I lovingly refer to as “attention deficit television”)  True Blood comes back in 2 weeks, though!


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