This and That

I CAN NOT believe it’s been a month since I blogged last.  It’s almost been a month since I’ve been healthy…  I’ve had a few good days in between, but I’ve lost a lot of time to this stupid back stuff.  I can’t believe it’s almost April.  Where did February and March go?

I’ve started being aware of the food I eat again.  Eliminating sugar again, trying to eat cleaner.


She and I were inseparable…  her name is Hildy and I hate her:


I LOVE my Keep Calm poster!  It was a Christmas gift from my folks.  Lately I can keep calm…  carrying on has been a little more difficult.


Spring is definitely in the air, with warmer temps and tulips coming up!  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I start getting stronger and I’ll be able to do some garden clean up later this week. 

I’m optimistic – for the first time in three years, a doctor gave me a diagnosis…  something that can be treated and get better:  myofascial pain syndrome.  It’ll require occasional pain meds, maybe muscle relaxants and lots of massage and physical therapy – but it’s a lot less scary than some of the other things it could have been.  I’m very hopeful.


Although my girls love it when I stay in the bed all the time, I’m ready to be up and taking care of my family again!


I snapped this pretty shot of little Miss tootsie-pop on the way down to Colorado last week.


We had a mix of weather in Colorado this time.  Some of this:



And then there was some of this:


Frankly, I’m ready for warmer weather now:  tulips, gardening, even mowing the grass!

Maybe it’s just the being-stuck-in-bed talking…


Found a snow heart:


And then snapped a pretty picture of these two on the way home today:


I’m feeling pretty good right now.  Sure hope it sticks!

I’ll hopefully have some knitting to share soon.  With all the extra traveling to Colorado for my honey’s work, I’ve been doing 2-week spreads for Project Life.  Just don’t have enough pictures or time to do  a layout for each week…  Doesn’t bother me, as long as I’m documenting and having fun doing it!  I will share some of that soon too.

Hope you have a fabulous week. (hope I do too!)


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