There be knitting here!

Finally…  they’re done!  I took these off my Mom’s hands some time ago.  She had one sock done and got tired of the yarn.  So I had to unravel the toe and make the first sock a couple inches longer and knit the second sock.  When I finished the second sock, I discovered it was way smaller than the first one AND the first one fit me better.  Ripped it out and started over.  Now they’re done and they feel so good!  Knitpicks Stroll yarn is so soft!  (I’m mad at Knitpicks, though.  They were hacked, customer credit card information was compromised and they didn’t tell anyone about it…  I’m mad at Knitpicks…)


I’ve been knitting for years now!  This is the first hat I’ve made for myself.  I’ve made lots of hats for the boys…  I love this hat.  The pattern is called the Journey Hat.  It’s made out of Malabrigo Chunky which feels awesome.  I bought two skeins and have one left over.  I’ve already found a cowl that I want to make to match this perfect little hat!


I’ve made Monkeys before – but I made them before I lost 100 lbs…  they’re now way too big and I’ve been dying to make another pair.  Lo and behold, here comes a Monkey Knit-a-long on Perfect timing!  I’ve had this yarn for probably more than 5 years – stuck in the bottom of a bin in my storeroom and completely forgotten.  I’m such a happy girl when I find beautiful yarn already paid for, sitting in my house, waiting to become something…


I’m dying to make these, found here:  I still have to get in touch with the etsy shop owner who dyes this yarn and convince her to make this colorway for me again…  Love that picot edge!


There’s been lots of knit planning going on.  The lovely yarn below is destined to be a simple knit2/purl2 sock for me!  Bought at my new FAVORITE yarn store, The Loopy Ewe in Fort Collins, Colorado!


I wanted a pretty, interesting, mostly-orange yarn for my weather scarf (weather’s gotta get a lot warmer before I get the chance to use it.)  But this yarn was exactly what I had pictured!


Just stumbled upon this colorway on ravelry and fell in love with it.  It’s going to be fingerless mitts.  I still have to find some vintage-looking metal buttons for this project…


Yep, still doing  lots of Project Life and One Little Word and 52 of You and loving it all!  More on that later.


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