This Week Went Way Off Course

Tuesday morning, first thing, I threw out my back.  I’ve done it 4 times in my life and I always fail to remember exactly how painful and debilitating it really is…


I was stuck in bed for three full days.  I’m up and around today, Friday, but still feeling very fragile.


We did manage to do school everyday.  Which is probably more than they would have done if they were still enrolled in regular school – because I still don’t think I can drive… I may attempt to drive again tomorrow – have to wait and see how I feel…  But we ARE expecting snow and you ARE supposed to stock up on bread and milk and batteries right before a snow storm, right?

So, while I was incapacitated, I did a little knitting, a little reading, lots of internet surfing.  The boys did the housework, the husband did the cooking, a sweet friend brought me a heating pad and a Diet Coke (the essentials)  Thank you, dear friend!!  Everyone survived.

My girls were very nurturing:


The boys were very sweet:


And I’m recovering, catching up on life.  It feels good.


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