Buckling Down

Bucking down and getting back to our normal schedule feels so much better than I ever imagined!


Back to school, holidays over, a visit from a cousin whom we love and don’t see nearly enough, a 12th birthday party, recovering from a loss, yet another health crisis averted and finally…  back to blissful, normal life!

Boys are getting back into the roll of school:




My online photography class:  (a Christmas gift from my Mom and Dad!)


Getting back into gear with chores and responsibilities:


Boys are cooking again! And can I just say, WOO HOO!!!!


Having fun with school too:


Went to the park to identify trees with a field guide!  (and of course there was some playing and picture taking.)



There’s been scrapbooking:


There’s been disappointing knitting:  (when am I going to remember that I have to go up a needle size to match my Mom’s knitting?)  There’s been fun knitting too – I just don’t have a picture yet…


We’ve had friends over and eaten left-over birthday cake!  What could be better?


Now we’re all looking forward to a quiet, family weekend at home, relaxing, playing, sleeping in, knitting, reading, watching the new season of Pioneer Woman that starts tomorrow.  (my two girl puppies love to lie in bed and watch Pioneer Woman with their Mom!)  It’s going to be awesome!

Hope you have a blissful weekend too!


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