Knitting in 2012

I knit more this year than I have in the last couple of years.  I’m really enjoying it again.  I had come to prefer scrapbooking again because of it’s almost instant gratification and short time commitment.  But knitting fits the bill when I want to sit in the living room with my honey while he plays Halo 4 on the Xbox.  (hard to carry all my scrapbooking toys into the living room.)

Also the last few years I’ve gotten sucked into reading.  (I know it’s a terrible habit, but someone has to do it.)  So I was choosing to read in the evenings instead of knitting.  But I love the feeling of productivity that knitting gives me.  So now, I knit in the evenings and read for 30 minutes in bed every night.  It takes me that long to get sleepy anyway…  Currently I’m reading The Vampire Academy series.  I borrowed the books from my cousin.  Scott hates that I have to use a reading light in bed and has asked me to never buy paper books again – just kindle.  (first world problem, babe!)  LOL


Will’s rainbow socks are in the collage twice, just because I was short one picture.  He wore those socks to gym day yesterday and was thrilled to be wearing so many colors when the kids played that “pick a color of clothing and run” game!

One of these projects was frogged and two are still in progress, but very close to being done.  I’m casting on today for a weather scarf – coolest idea – you knit two rows every day and the color represents the high temperature that day.  It’s going to be gorgeous!  I’m meeting my knitting buddy to have coffee and cast on in a little while!  Can’t wait!

I got miffed at my children earlier this year when I felt they weren’t treating their hand knits with the care that they should – but after talking to my above-mentioned knitting buddy, she talked some sense into me and reminded me that they ARE after all children.  And they do LOVE hand knit socks.  It’s something special that I can do for them and I have decided that I will continue to do it. 

Knitting socks for my boys isn’t a fun, QUICK project anymore, now that they wear the same size shoe as I do…  but still very rewarding.  They really do love them.  And I had to put away two pairs this week because they were too small – so those need to be replaced soon.  (Guh, if you’re looking for  a new project, just let me know!)

I have decided that I’m done with sweaters.  I’ve knit several and not one of them fits well.  After devoting hours and hours to a project like that and then finding that you don’t like it and won’t wear it?  I’d rather spend 30 bucks and buy my sweaters… 

But I too LOVE beautiful hand knit socks.  That’s the ticket!  You can wear them year round, unlike gloves and mittens and scarves that you only wear half the year…

OK, I’m done.  Boo berry says it’s breakfast time!


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