December Daily, day 21–25 and Done!

Days 21 and 22 are together on a spread and days 23 and 24 are together because Christmas is over and I’m behind and I’m ready to celebrate this book being done!


I loved finishing it up today, don’t get me wrong.  I’m just thrilled to have it done and move on to the next thing too…


Cute little transparent insert directly from the mind of Ali Edwards but looks just as good in my book as it does in hers…  lol


Heading up to the hills for our first Christmas at Guh/Umpa’s mountain house, outside Estes Park, Colorado!  It was perfect!!! (pictured below is Lyons, Colorado all decked out for Christmas.  It’s in the foothills, on the way up to the mountains.)


So glad we made time to shoot Dood’s new bow that he got for Christmas because… while we were out there, the snow started and I was in Heaven.  I LOVE SNOW! 


I got a ton of great pictures of my boys!  And a nice, drunk lady got this great picture of the four of us together… Ah, Christmas memories of the nice, drunk lady…


Christmas Eve was nice and warm and relaxing once we got back to the house.  We decided to let the boys open half their gifts on Christmas Eve this year – they were so happy!


Christmas morning we woke up to 8 inches of new snow!  It was perfect!  Scott built a big fire in the fireplace, we opened the rest of the gifts and hung out and played.


It was such a great day – peaceful, detached – but in a good way, relaxing.  I read (finished a really good book that I couldn’t put down) and knit several inches on a pretty sock, hung out with Mama and Daddy.  The boys played with their new toys, so did Scott…  hehehe



Final page of the book is just a simple collage of more pictures taken on the shooting range, in the snow!


When I was all done, I tied it up with a beautiful, Christmas-y ribbon and called it done!


On to more projects:  I’ve ordered a new kit for 2013 Project Life.  I’ve registered for One Little Word 2013 and I’ll be participating in 52 of You, an online introspection/photography class that I’m very excited about.

Also have two pairs of socks 1/2 knit, a sweater 3/4 done and an afghan that requires that I learn how to crochet to finish… 

Lots to do – that’s how I’m happiest.


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