December Daily Days 16-20

Early Christmas shopping  documented.  We bought Will a real compound bow this year.  We’re all very excited about using it at the mountain house over Christmas!


I kinda liked this layout on the journaling card that is once again, totally Ali Edwards inspired.  It looks like a postcard to me.



Such a sad day for our family and a hard page to put together:


His absence isn’t blindingly painful now, a few days of space between us and his passing.  But now I’m at the point where it sneaks up on me and ambushes me.  Making dinner for the doggy girls and seeing only two bowls, watching where I step when I get out of bed and looking for a little, fuzzy black  dog – so that I don’t step on him, remembering how he would rub up against the side of the bed, like a kitty cat in the mornings.  The only thing that gives me peace is thinking that he’s with Jo again.  And I’ve felt it in my heart, undeniably, several times.


I’m carrying a snapshot of him in my pocket.  I don’t know how long I’ll feel the need to be able to look at him at a moment’s notice.  It might be a while.


He was very grumpy the last year – I think because he was sick.  He was on pain meds, so I don’t think he was in pain – he just didn’t feel great…  When we went on our vacation to Michigan in June, KC sat on me the whole trip and he was so sweet and so good.  I will cherish those memories forever.


Day 18 was all about trying to stay busy.  Will assumed the role of caretaker.  Yep my almost 12-year-old was taking care of me.  He’s such a sweet boy.  Scotty was just confused and wasn’t really sure what to do to help or how to feel.  There were lots of extra hugs and kisses from him too, though.




Another day at home and snow outside.  Lots of healing going on.


School ended up being canceled this week after all.  I had thought about calling it quits a week early and had decided against it…  but circumstances proved to make it necessary.  The boys and I filled our days with Christmas preparation and playing.



Documenting the snow!  We didn’t go out and play in the snow this time…  I’m not sure why.  The boys preferred to watch it from indoors.  I knit until my hands ached.  It was awesome!


I’ve had to order some more page protectors for this little book, because I don’t want to use the EXTRA thick chipboard pages that were included.  The extra page protectors should be here by the time we get back from our Christmas adventure and I can finish my little book.


We’re supposed to get more snow on the 24th and 25th up in the mountains!   It’s going to be perfect – coffee, wine, maybe a fire in the fireplace, knitting, reading, watching Christmas movies!  I can’t wait to get there!


With KC gone, both our baby dogs get to go on family trips now.  (We have an awesome sitter who has been taking care of the little puppies at the house, while we were gone.)  Boo gets separation anxiety  and makes herself sick – so she has to go with us.  And now that we only have two, tootsie-pop can’t stay home by herself.  It’ll be nice having all the family together.


Fun extra documentation that I like to include in the back of my little book includes a gift list and menus and grocery lists.


It’s fun to read all that stuff  later.


We’re half packed and ready to leave for Christmas in the mountains.  I’m letting my honey sleep in – cause he never does anymore and it’s weird that it’s 10 and he isn’t up.  Maybe he needed it.  We’ll take off soon.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!!


One thought on “December Daily Days 16-20

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss, especially so close to Christmas. I have enjoyed watching this little book come together – so inspirational and fun to watch your family celebrate the season!

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