December Daily, pages 8-9 and 12-15

Day 8, documenting our annual Christmas family get-together in Fort Collins, Colorado.  This year we met at Sonny Lubick’s Steakhouse in Old town and I can’t recommend it highly enough.  Everything I had was delicious.  The atmosphere was just the right amount of fancy without being pretentious, the service was good.  We had a great time.


I had already collected a couple Starbucks wraps.  I knew I wanted to use one again, just didn’t know how yet, until…  Ali Edwards posted this idea on her blog and I stole it!


So, I think this is a gorgeous picture of old town Fort Collins, Colorado.  And it’s pretty enough that I’ll remember how magical it looked.  But in all honesty, the picture doesn’t do it justice.  It looked like a fairy tale.  It was amazing!  They did an awesome job decorating!


Day 9.  At home again and using a simple collage of Christmas images and a picture of a very special early Christmas gift from my mother.


My Mom had that ring rebuilt for me this year.  It was one of the first things she bought herself at her very first job, at the grown-up age of 17.  She decided to give the ring to me this year.  I will cherish it.


Bee had spent the whole day in his pajamas.  Being home schoolers, we can do that sometimes…  He was thoughtful and quiet, looking at the ornaments on the tree.


Day 13 – a pretty elaborate layout.  (I love these kinds when I have the time to do it.)  Completely lifted from Ali again, but so beautiful that I don’t mind.



Love heat embossing and I only ever do it in December Daily – not sure why…  This one was embossed on vellum.


With the last bit of snowflake Hambly transparency to my name on the back of the vellum…  Surely someone will fill that void in the market very soon…


I don’t know why he was so silly and happy – we were about to have a spelling test…  Whatever.  I’ll take it!


Day 14 – had way more than just one picture that I wanted to use, so I made a fold-out thingy and filled it with pictures from our home school group Christmas party at the park, that happened last Friday.  The boys had a ball!  Thank you, Katherine and Jennifer for putting the whole thing together.



The wooden letters in an altered page protector was from Ali again, who said she saw it on Twitter…  So thank you, someone, who shall remain nameless for now…  it was a very cool idea!  (Ali sewed her letters in and I was just too lazy to get my sewing machine out.)


Lots of Washi tape.  I LOVE that stuff!


Back side of the fold-out thingy:


All caught up!  Day 15, documenting our favorite doggy sister coming for a visit.  Boo’s biological sister, Heidi Holly, who happens to live two doors down, came to visit Friday and Saturday.  Oh, she’s the second sweetest goldendoodle in the world!!!  My baby Boo had so much fun with her.



We miss her already and can’t wait for another visit!


That’s it for now.  I’m keeping up with Project Life too, but at the moment, it’s a little repetitive and I really should be knitting…

Have a great week!


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