What I learned about making soap…

1.  Use a SMALL loaf pan.  My normal meatloaf pan was too wide.  It worked, I cut the slices of soap in half and they’re still cute.  I’d just rather them be smaller pieces without having to be cut.  I might even buy bar molds next time.  They don’t cost that much.  I found everything I needed at Hobby Lobby.


This is mine:


2.  Next time I will use opaque glycerin, not clear.  I wanted mine to look like hers:  http://brandyscrafts.blogspot.com/2011/12/candy-cane-soap.html  This is hers:


3.  She said that she wrapped hers  in parchment paper.  I couldn’t make parchment paper work to save my life.  Tape won’t stick to it, it won’t stay folded – it was impossible.  So I wrapped mine in a piece of wax paper and covered it with a piece of tissue paper.  (I was worried that the soap would stick to the tissue paper, if I used it alone.)

4.  I was worried about the candy on top and would it leave your hands sticky the first few times you use the soap…  It washes off the first time you use the soap.

5. She says it leaves your hands smelling like peppermint…  Hmmm…  I used twice as much soap scent as she did and I can not smell peppermint at all when my hands are dried.  While I’m washing my hands, I can smell it.  But I will use twice as much scent next time.  This time I used 1/4 teaspoon in each layer…  And in my pink layers, I used 10 drops of red soap dye.

6.  She said she let each layer set up a little before adding the next.  I wouldn’t do that next time… a couple of my layers didn’t adhere well.   By the time you microwave another batch of glycerin the previous layer is cooled enough on top to add another layer.


7.  I love this idea and didn’t really expect it to be perfect the first time.  But I’ve learned a lot and I will try this again and it’ll be way cooler next time!

I hope everyone likes it – it’s really pretty…


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