It was a lovely night

We met for our annual family reunion/Christmas dinner, hosted by my parents, at Sonny Lubick’s Steakhouse in Fort Collins, Colorado. (which I highly recommend.  Service was awesome, food was delicious.)  And the city of Fort Collins had made the old town area look positively magical!


So this is the collage that everyone will love:


This is the one I love:


YES, I would have used a goofy picture of Scott and me too, IF Lisa had taken one…  and we didn’t think to do one…  Next year, I promise.

They even had gluten free chocolate cake and I’m afraid I’m going to pay for indulging…  It was gluten free, but not sugar free and I ate 2/3 of it and have had a headache all day today…  Please keep your fingers crossed that it’s a fluke and I wake up tomorrow feeling like a million bucks.  Here’s a picture of the cake – it was so good and so fun…


Hope you’re enjoying the season already too!


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