What We’ve Been Doing

Finished up my November Thankful book.  The pages were a kit from Cathy Zielske.  Made it super easy and fun to put together.


Finished Will’s Christmas socks!


Washed the grays right out…


Baked gluten free, sugar free banana walnut bread – and it was actually good!


A boy Christmas project.  We picked up these pine cones at Guh/Umpa’s mountain house this past summer.  We sprayed them and glittered them and they turned out beautiful!  My young men did awesome!



On a not so happy note, it’s always a bummer when a big, unexpected expense comes up, but it’s even worse right before Christmas.  We were able to take advantage of having to replace the water heater and replace it with one TWICE AS BIG!!!  (had an unexpected truck repair come up too – please don’t let these things come in threes…)


Lots of baking been going on!  Our Bee has made Christmas cookies twice already!  He’s our resident Cookie Monster, after all…


Finishing up the last few weeks of Project Life 2012!  Oh yes,  I’m doing it again in 2013 – going to get the black albums again and the Cherry Edition this time!  Going to be a little more girly looking next year!


The boys opened their first Christmas presents from Aunt Marla and Uncle Eric!  They’re dying for Daddy to find the time to show them how to fly them!


STARTED DECEMBER DAILY!!  (Love you, Ali Edwards!)  I bought the December Daily kit this year to make things a little easier.


Home school.  I had promised the boys that we’d watch the movie when we were done with our Language Arts unit that was based on the book.  We finished the unit yesterday and watched the movie today.  I cried when we read it and I cried again when we watched it…  I’ve become a wimpy girl…


Finished one of Bee’s Christmas fingerless mittens today.  Lots more knitting to get done this month!


It’s a really, really good busy! 


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