Congratulations, Umpa. We love you.

We’re so happy for him!  My Dad decided to sell his company (his baby) and start a new adventure! 


We all got together to celebrate with a very fun, fattening (expensive) dinner party!  Woo Hoo – can’t beat that!

Sadly, the lighting in the restaurant was so low that even my awesome camera couldn’t do much without a tripod.  (which I didn’t bring along.)

The party was held here:  (yep, it’s named for John Elway – totally appropriate for this family full of Bronco fanatics!  Daddy being the most fanatic!)


Yep, this is a pretty typical scene:  Will, hugging his Guh and Bee, horsing around somewhere…  LOL


The servers brought Daddy a special treat and if any of us had known the equivalent of Happy Birthday for a retirement party, we would have sung it at the top of our lungs!


We love you, Daddy.  I can’t wait to see what the next chapter brings!!!



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