Week 41 and other stuff

Project Life, week 41 was blissfully uneventful.  And when that happens, you sit back and look around you and realize how truly blessed you are.  There were lots of moments like that for me this past week. 


Every time I think about it, I like to type up some official-sounding questions and have the boys fill out interview sheets for me.  I’ve been doing this for many years now, even before they could write. (they’d just dictate to me.)  I’ve usually included these interview questions on a scrapbook layout.  This year I decided to include them in Project Life.


I LOVE Fall!!!  Have I mentioned that before?  I love the knitting and the baking and the sweaters.  Just love it all.  I LOVE HAVING MY BOYS AT HOME!

I realized this morning that this holiday season will be the first that we aren’t crazy busy with school related holiday activities…  It’ll be way different, now that we homeschool.  Will it still be good and fun?  Of course it will.  We’ll make sure of it!


Here’s my second completed knitting challenge for www.ravelry.com  It’s a washcloth.   One of the requirements for this challenge also was that it had to tie into my team theme, which happens to be vampires…


So here’s the apple/vampire connection:


My favorite vampire story, the start of my (sometimes obsessive) reading habit.  And speaking of Twilight, have you heard about this:


This picture makes me so happy, thinking that these two young actors might still be a couple in real life…  I ran to my DVR and set up Entertainment Tonight to record.  (Yep, it’s useless to tell me my obsession with this is stupid.  I KNOW THAT!)  LOL

And finally, here’s the most current knitting challenge:


They’re Alice Cullen’s fingerless mitts from New Moon!!!  I ended up using yarn already in my stash, which I think is more vampire-y colored anyway…

Here’s a picture of  Alice, wearing her mittens:


So far, they’ve been a pretty quick knit, using worsted weight yarn and size 8 dpns.  And I’m thinking after this one, I should resume my Christmas knitting.  The boys actually confirmed this morning, that “We ARE getting knit socks for Christmas, right?”  (giggle, giggle, love those boys!)


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