Project Life, Week 40

How could it be week 40 already?  How could it be October already?  Wow!


Hope our early snowstorm was just an early taste of winter, ‘cause I haven’t had near enough fall yet…

I LOVE the renewed energy that  comes with the cooler weather and all the baking and knitting and earlier sunsets!  Just love everything about this time of year!!  This little felted pumpkin is my answer to a knitting challenge on   It was so much fun to put it together.  (and the eyes and fangs are removable so that I have a cute, normal pumpkin the rest of the year.)


I still have to sew the green part down, when it’s good and dry, but that’ll be quick!  I’ve wanted to knit this pumpkin for a couple years and have just never made the time to do it.  I’m so thankful that my best knitting buddy talked me into playing along with these challenges.  I’m having so much fun!


Back to Project Life, I thought it would be sad to pick everything in the garden that last day, but it was so much fun, figuring out what to do with all that quantity!  CAN’T WAIT TO DO IT AGAIN!!!

I’m finally having more success in sugar free/gluten free cooking, actually having found some recipes that my whole family will eat.  I’m so glad, because it’s a pain in the butt to have to make 6 different meals every day…


Wanted to point out that Katherine and I discovered a lovely, new yarn store in Fort Collins, The Loopy Ewe.  (I bet we end up spending lots of money there…)  It was awesome! I can’t wait to go back!  And you needed a closer view of that perfect doggy nose too…


Started on my next challenge yesterday.  Wish me luck.  I still have to find time to do my Christmas knitting too…  I guess that means no book shopping any time soon… 


I’ll be ok, I just finished a short story by my favorite vampire author, Jeaniene Frost.  (she writes the Bones and Cat books that I love, almost as much as I love Twilight!)


I know…  the cover is pretty cheesy, but I really enjoyed both stories.  And on that note, I’m probably done reading until after Christmas…  EEK!  NO…  surely not…  I need time to bake and shop and knit this time of year!

Wish me luck!


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