EARLY, Saturday morning


I couldn’t sleep this morning.  Got awakened by a tiny little boy dog, coughing and having a rough night.  I worry about him so much.  He has congestive heart failure and it’s so ambiguous…  So hard to be sure that letting him stay with us, at this point, is the right thing to do…  I’m counting on my rock, my voice of reason, my sweet, insightful husband to help me figure it out.

Scott’s leaving this morning for a fishing trip/business trip.  I pray this weekend won’t be the right time to say goodbye to our little KC.  I don’t want to have to face that on my own.

On to some more pleasant thoughts (and by the way, KC is resting quietly right now, beside me, in my office, on his little doggy bed.)

I’m thinking of decorating for fall today.  Woke up to 38 degrees and it seems like fall decorating is the thing to do.  (even knowing that it’s supposed to be 80 today and the boys and I are going to be working in the yard this afternoon, I’m still ready to surround myself with some fall colors.)


We spent a long Labor Day weekend in the mountains with Guh and Umpa.  The weather certainly was showing signs of change.  One minute it’s  74 the next 60…  Sunny, then cloudy the next minute.  The wildlife is getting fair warning of what’s to come!  (obvious too because of the bear sightings and antics around the neighborhood right now.)

“Dood, you’re squishing Guh’s face…”


After the “squishing the face” episode, I was able to get genuine smiles from both of them:


And if you do one boy, you have to do the other:


Do you get the impression that they’re fond of her?  Um, yes, a little bit… 


We go up to Mama and Daddy’s little mountain community every Labor Day to attend the Labor Day picnic, which is also a fundraiser for the volunteer fire department.  We try to attend every year because this little fire department is the real thing!  There was a forest fire in 2002 and they didn’t lose one single structure.  AND IT WAS CLOSE.  The fire came within yards of our house.  Two men died, fighting this fire. 

We support our volunteer fire fighters.


In reality, the trees had only just begun to change, but I found this one, little overachiever and was so happy to see it.  I don’t know if  I’ll get back up there before the leaves are all gone…



I wonder, with all the strange weather we’ve had this year (and the fact that all our trees are new this year) if we’ll get any color in our little yard…  I’ll keep you posted.

Came home to this:


I can’t decide if I love beefsteak tomatoes or not…  They’re big – that’s fun, but they are usually ugly and the plant is very straggly looking, compared to my pretty little Early Girls.  My mother says the uglier the tomato, the better it tastes…  I’ll know by the end of the season.

Right now we have so many little green tomatoes on the vine still, Scott’s thinking of a way to cover them and keep them warm to extend our season.  Wish us luck.  We sure have enjoyed them this year. Next year, I’m leaning toward Early Girls and Pink Ladies.  I got Pink Ladies this year from Katherine and LOVED the taste and the color.  It seems she and I both had the best luck with the plants that were the cheapest and smallest when we got them…  I’m not buying $10.00 plants anymore!  Live and learn.  My zucchini and yellow squash are still going strong too.  And we have two watermelons on the vine for which we are patiently waiting…  Our garden has been the most fun this summer!

With the cooler weather and the extra time I had on my hands over Labor Day, I got started on Christmas socks.  This year I’m knitting for Bee and Guh’s knitting for Dood.  We decided on a good old- fashioned pattern and we’ll jazz it up with different colors on the heel and toe.  I’m doing gray and red and Guh’s doing brown and orange.


Cool weather always gets me going in the knitting department and the baking department – speaking of which, the boys and I have lots of cookie baking on the schedule this weekend too. 

We’re going to bake these:


We got this cute little cookie kit from Grandma!

And maybe these too:

IMG_20120907_063625 (1)

Yes, I bought them…  The supermarket didn’t have our normal little cookies with pumpkin shapes in them, so we got these.  Most of these cookies will go in the freezer, but the boys and I will have fun baking them together.

I’m off for more coffee and dog kisses.  I hope you have a fabulous weekend!


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