First Day of School (our first full year of homeschool!)

Started off with history this morning and my own curriculum.  Didn’t know if I could do it, but I wanted to follow Will’s passionate interest in Leonardo Da Vinci and medieval stuff.  So I got some books and found a dvd and we began.  Today we started reading about Da Vinci’s birth and early life and then went out to study nature, just like Leonardo did, studying and drawing things.  Will spoke with an Italian accent and we agreed on Italian names (that we forgot to use…) The boys loved it!


In science, we’re learning about angiosperms (flowering plants.)  And WOW it’s the perfect time of year to be studying flowers!!!  I really got their attention when I told them we wouldn’t have cotton for clothes without angiosperms.  We’d all be naked…  (little boys are so weird…)


It almost hurt me, to pick and dissect a couple daylilies…  The boys really got into it, though.


More angiosperms to look at (mixed in with some herbs, all from our little garden.)


We have a new math teacher this year!!  (and I think he’s HOT!)


Lunch!  Since Daddy’s teaching math this year, he’ll be home for lunch with us!  (oh wow, I gotta figure out more menus – cause he’s a food snob…)


More tasty angiosperms:  (our first beefsteak tomato!)


And Bee had a couple school friends come over and play this afternoon, after school. 


Will’s playing with them too, he’s just on another x-box, in a different room…


It’s been a very good day!


One thought on “First Day of School (our first full year of homeschool!)

  1. It’s so interesting for me to read about homeschooling. I briefly considered it years ago, but figured that neither my son nor I was right for it. Do you have a post that explains your reasons for doing this? We have two homeschooling families at our church and they are involved with other home schooling families and do group activities. I hope you have a great year!

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